You can refinance your HDB housing loan with one from a bank. However, please note that once you refinance your HDB housing loan with a bank, you cannot refinance that loan with us subsequently.

SPR households who obtain citizenship

An SPR household has to take a bank loan when they purchase a flat. However, they may not refinance their bank loan with an HDB housing loan from us, even if they subsequently obtain Singapore Citizenship and become eligible for one. 

Options if facing financial difficulties with a bank loan

Flat owners who have taken bank loans and are facing financial difficulties are advised to consider the following options:

  • Approach the bank and negotiate for other viable repayment arrangements
  • Refinance the loan with another bank offering a more manageable rate
  • Sublet spare rooms of the flat for added income
  • Right-size to a more affordable flat

More information

Please approach the HDB Branch managing your flat for more information and advice.