Tenancy Renewal

Your tenancy will be considered for renewal if you:

  • Have complied with the conditions in your Tenancy Agreement during your current term of tenancy
  • Do not have any outstanding arrears due to HDB
  • Are not an undischarged bankrupt

For tenancy renewal and related enquiries for units in HDB shopping and office complexes, please approach the respective Managing Agents.


The payments to make are:

  • Stamp fees (if applicable)
  • Deposit (you can replace the cash deposit with an Insurance/ Banker’s Guarantee that covers the full term of the tenancy)

Supporting documents

Please submit an updated business registration record from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) when applying for the renewal of tenancy.

Depending on your company or business type, we will also require these documents:

  • Partnership
    • Letter, signed by all the partners, stating the share proportions of the partners and authorising 1 partner to sign the Agreement Letter/ new agreement for and on behalf of the partnership
    • Copy of the authorised partner’s NRIC
  • Private Company/ Limited Liability Partnership
    • Company resolution authorising a representative to sign the Acceptance Letter/ new agreement on behalf of the company
    • Copy of the authorised representative’s NRIC
    • Deed of Guarantee signed by a shareholder who is a Singapore Citizen. If none of the shareholders are Singapore Citizens, the company can instead pay an additional 3-month deposit in lieu of the guarantee
  • Doctor whose business is not registered with ACRA
    • Copy of your practising licence

Acceptance of offer of renewal

Following your tenancy renewal request, we will provide you with the Acceptance Letter/ new agreement for your review. If you agree to the terms offered, please sign the Acceptance Letter/ new agreement and mail it to:

480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310480
Properties & Land Group

If you do not wish to renew your tenancy, you will need to reinstate the unit to its original conditions before returning it to us. Please refer to our guide on terminating the tenancy for more details.

Budget Meals for Coffeeshops

To provide more affordable meal options for residents, we will be extending the budget meals requirement beyond coffeeshops let out via Price-Quality Method tenders. From May 2023, you will need to provide four budget meals and two budget drinks, as a condition for renewal of the tenancy of the rental coffeeshop. Please see the table for details:


 New Requirement

(over your next tenancy term)



  1. Minimum four budget meals, spread across  different stalls*
  1. Full meal options (not side dishes / snacks)
  2. Budget meals must be from two or more different stalls.
  3. Two of the budget meals must be rice-based.
  4. One of the budget meals must be halal.

       2. Minimum two budget drinks*

  1. Kopi O and Teh O

*The budget meal options, and pricing must be prominently displayed at the stalls.


For us to consider your renewal, you will need to submit your proposed budget meal items/prices for evaluation. You may refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more details.

What is considered a budget meal?

Budget meal options include lunch or dinner meals that are priced affordably and comparable with the economically-priced meals sold at nearby eating establishments (can be HDB coffeeshops or hawker centres).

The proposed budget meal must be a full meal (not side dishes/snacks). Kids meal or half-portion meals are not considered budget meals. The budget meal/drink options must be prominently displayed at the stall and should be availed to customers throughout mealtimes (i.e. not limited only to certain time periods).

Why do I need to provide four budget meals and two budget drink items? Why must it be from different stalls?

Amidst the rising cost of living, we want to ensure that residents continue to have access to affordable food and drink options. The options from different stalls will also let residents have a range of choices for their meals.

What assistance is HDB providing me to implement this requirement?

To assist operators to provide budget meal options to residents, HDB is providing a one-off 5% monthly rental discount (valid for 12 months upon tenancy renewal) to operators who can implement the full budget meal requirements during their renewal.


If you are unable to implement the budget meal options at the point of renewal, HDB will grant the rental discount for the remaining months of the 12-month period.


(i.e. If you have implement the full budget meals 3 months after renewal, you will be eligible for the 5% monthly rental discount for the remaining 9 months of the 12-month period)

How do I know if my budget meal is competitively priced?

As a gauge, you may refer to the economically-priced meals sold at eating establishments (which can be HDB coffeeshops or hawker centres) in the vicinity, i.e. within 1 kilometre of your coffeeshop.

I do not have a halal stall operator at my coffeeshop at the moment. Can I substitute the halal budget meal with a non-halal one?

Under our tenancy agreement, you are required to have at least one halal stall in the coffeeshop. If you have difficulty providing a halal budget meal at the point of tenancy renewal, you may provide a non-halal budget meal in the interim. You are still required to fulfil the halal stall requirement within your current tenancy period.