Serangoon North Village


Serangoon North Village has cake shops, hair salons, beauty parlours, provision shops, fruit shops, pet shops, vet clinics, mini-marts, furniture shops, medical and dental clinics, and eating outlets to serve the residents.

Serangoon North Village has evolved over the years to become a centre famed for the varieties of pets, pet products and pet-related services. It is one of the few places in Singapore which offers pet lovers with choices and one-stop convenience in pet-related products. 

The Serangoon Community Club, Teng San Tian Hock Temple, Hiang Foo Siang Temple, and Al-Istiqamah Mosque are located just a stone's throw away.

Getting There

Blocks 151 - 154 Serangoon North Avenue 1 Singapore 550151 - 550154