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Our quarterly community publication Life Storeys brings you heartfelt human stories and interesting lifestyle features, keeping you in the know of activities in your neighbourhood.

In each issue, we highlight the biggest story in our heartlands in Talk of the Town. Also, you can find out what’s happening in the spaces around you in our Around the Block segment. Indulge in the feel-good stories of not only our HDB residents, but also your favourite celebrity-next-door in Our Life Stories. Lastly, kick back and unwind with our lifestyle segment, Livin’ It Up.


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! We hope you continue to keep safe and stay well.

In this issue, we hear from fellow Singaporeans on how they celebrated various festivals in late 2020, including Deepavali and Christmas, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Although festivities for the upcoming Chinese New Year will be downsized, you can still have an enjoyable time with your loved ones. Find out how in Talk of the Town.

There has been much buzz around northern Singapore, thanks to the recent opening of Canberra Plaza. We showcase the array of retail stores and recreational facilities at this suburban mall in Around the Block. There is more to Sembawang than white bee hoon. Rediscover this part of our island through its natural landmarks, historical structures, and food spots.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Mdm Sarimah Amat, her extraordinary dedication to go the extra mile for her neighbours won her the inaugural Yishunite of the Year award. She shares her motivation and tips on building a close-knit community in Our Life Stories. Also featured in this section is national footballer Adam Bin Swandi, who reveals what it entails to pursue a sporting career in Singapore and his favourite aspects of his new home.

Maintaining a hygienic environment has never been more important. While household chores can be tedious, there are ways you can get them done easier and quicker. Check out these cleaning hacks in Livin’ It Up.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue of Life Storeys.

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