Good Neighbours Movement

Good Neighbours Movement

The Good Neighbours Movement (GNM) strives to grow a community of great neighbours, where neighbours show one another mutual care and support. Through GNM we hope to inspire more neighbourly acts in our heartlands to make them better places to live in.

Find out more about the GNM programmes and activities you can join! 

Singapore’s Friendly Neighbourhood Award

Good Neighbours Movement

We want to acknowledge and celebrate the acts of wonderful neighbours through Singapore’s Friendly Neighbourhood Award! Click here to share your stories with us! Nominations are open to both public and private housing residents.

Good Neighbour Award

Good Neighbour Award 2019

If you’ve been touched by a neighbour’s actions, now is the time to show your appreciation. Share their stories with us and they could be the next recipient of the Good Neighbour Award 2019!

Stories about Good Neighbours

The HeART of Neighbourliness

Be inspired by the heart-warming stories of past Good Neighbour Award recipients in “The HeART of Neighbourliness” publication and find out how to be a good neighbour in the pictorial storybook series “Maddie and Friends”. 

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