Documents and Checklists

If you would like to sell your HDB commercial unit, here are some documents and guidelines you can refer to.

Criteria for application

  • You must be 21 years and above at the date of application
  • If you or the buyers are undischarged bankrupts, the consent of the Official Assignee is needed for the resale
  • Applicants need to read through the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 236KB)

Supporting documents

  • Photocopies of buyers' NRIC
  • Latest business registration record from the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority
  • Company's resolution (For ‘Pte.’, ‘Ltd.’, ‘Co.’)
  • Letter of Authorisation/ Power of Attorney (for Mortgagee Sale)
  • Letter of Undertaking for Mortgagee Sale (PDF, 597KB)
  • Grant of Probate/ Grant of Letters of Administration (for deceased cases)
  • Undertaking for proposed trade as stated in Clause 14 of the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 236KB)
    • Unless the proposed trade is already operating in the premises, it must commence within 2 months from the date of the resale/ transfer completion. If the proposed trade cannot be confirmed or is subject to tenancy, an undertaking signed by all the transferees must be submitted. The undertaking should state that the transferees will operate a service/ retail trade approved by us within 2 months after completion of the resale/ transfer

Administrative fees

The following table lists the total fees payable based on the type of application and the options that are chosen:

Application Type

Administrative Fees Payable 
(Inclusive of GST)


Breakdown Total

Lodgement scheme

Lodgement (waiver of inspection)



Lodgement (request for inspection)

$107 + $321


Application (requires us to process)

Lease not issued



Proposed trade that requires change of use

Change of use of living quarters to non-residential use

If proposed use of the trading area is not in the list

Additional fees for the transfer of the outdoor refreshment area

Lodgement (waiver of inspection) + transfer of the existing outdoor refreshment area

$107 + $214


Lodgement (request for inspection) + transfer of the existing outdoor refreshment area

$107 + $321 + $214


Application + transfer of the existing outdoor refreshment area

$535 + $214