Bernita Teo

Bernita Teo
Architecture, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Interned at the Building & Research Institute

With HDB being Singapore’s public housing authority and largest statutory board, it was an eye opening experience for me to work alongside the architects in HDB. I was thoroughly impressed by the detailed structure of the internship and how hospitable the people were.

I was attached to a team of architects and engineers under the Building & Research Institute. My mentors were very patient and made sure all my questions were answered. On every project I was involved in, they took time off to brief me on the details and explained clearly what the deliverables were. I really appreciated the effort put into guiding me and other fellow interns.

Being involved in the project discussions and meetings was an enriching experience. I learnt so much on how a project progresses, the different stages of project development, as well as the approval required from different departments which had different areas of expertise.

The internship has given me insights into the challenges architects and engineers face on a daily basis. It was a fulfilling stint and I would encourage you to apply for an internship with HDB, for the experience is like no other.