Adeline Ho

Adeline Ho
Civil Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
Engineer (Former Intern)
Building Quality Group

I was attracted to start an internship with HDB as majority of us Singaporeans stay in public housing. I was interested to know how HDB manages its vast building programme. 

During my internship with HDB, I was attached to the Building Quality Group, where I was given the opportunity to learn about project management on upgrading, and new development projects. Project Directors are HDB's representatives during the construction stage and they work closely with stakeholders to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, delivery and safety. I was given the opportunity to visit actual construction sites to learn about the daily activities. Such first-hand experience at construction sites is not something that can be achieved in schools. Throughout my stint, I gained significant insight on how HDB handles public projects, and the building and construction industry as a whole. This further reinforced my interest in the building and construction industry. It also helped that the colleagues I worked with were all very friendly and helpful!

After completing my university degree in civil engineering, I decided to start a career with HDB after having had a great internship experience. I am now a Project Director in BQG and am responsible of the construction stage of various Built-to-Order (BTO) projects. The job scope is definitely challenging but nevertheless, the sense of achievement is huge when you see your projects being successfully handed over and residents moving in one by one into their new homes!

For those who want to be involved in building the homes of Singaporeans, do sign up for an internship with HDB!