Car Park Signboard
While parking your vehicle at any of the HDB car parks, please read the car park main signboard carefully.
Besides the car park main signboard, motorists are advised to look out for other parking restrictions within the car park.

Car Park Main Signboard which is located at the entrance of each HDB car park will tell you:

  • Unique car park number
  • Type of the parking schemes available (Coupon Parking or Electronic Parking)
  • Type of vehicles you can park
  • Parking charges
  • Parking hours for various schemes
  • Night parking facility
  • Sundays & Public Holidays parking facility and the timings
  • If the car park is reserved for Season Parking Ticket holders
  • If the car park has Park & Ride Scheme

Here are some pictures of Car Park Signboards which can be found in HDB car parks.

Car Park Signboard
Car Park Signboard
Car Park Signboard

Supplementary Sign Plates For Bi-Coloured (Red-with-White) Season Parking Lots Reserved After 7pm
  • They are installed near the bi-coloured (red-with-white) season parking lots to inform motorists on the parking restrictions of the bi-coloured parking lots.
    Supplementary Signplates
Last Updated on 02 Sep 2014