Breeds of Dogs Allowed

Following is a list of approved breeds of dogs that are allowed to be kept as pets in HDB flats:

1Affenpinscher22Griffon Belge43Pug
2Australian Silky Terrier23German Hunting Terrier44Poodle (Miniature)
3Australian Terrier24Griffon Brabancon45Schipperkee
4Bichon Frise25Hairless Dog46Scottish Terrier
5Bohemian Terrier26Italian Greyhound47Sealyham Terrier
6Bolognese27Jack Russell Terrier48Shetland Sheep dog
7Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxaellois)28Japanese Spaniel (Chin)49Shih Tzu
8Bichon Havanese29Japanese Spitz50Silky Terrier
9Border Terrier30Lhasa Apso51Small Continental Spaniel
10Boston Terrier
(a) Lightweight
(b) Middleweight
31Little Lion Dog52Small English Terrier
11Cairn Terrier32Lakeland Terrier53Small Spitz
12Cavalier King Charles Spaniel33Maltese54Smooth Fox Terrier
13Chihuahua34Manchester Terrier55Toy Fox Terrier
14Chinese Crested Dog35Miniature Pinscher56Toy Terrier
15Chinese Imperial Chin36Miniature Schnauzer57Tibetan Spaniel
16Chinese Temple Dog (Classic and Miniature)37Norfolk Terrier58Volpino Italiano
17Coton de tulear38Norwich Terrier59West Highland Terrier
18Czech Terrier39Papillon60Wire-Haired Fox Terrier
19Dachshund (Light and Miniature)40Pekinese61Welsh Terrier
20Dandie Dinmont Terrier41Pomeranian62Yorkshire Terrier
21English Toy Spaniel42Poodle
Last Updated on 08 Sep 2014