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Ethnic Integration Policy and SPR Quota

The Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) helps to maintain a good ethnic mix in HDB estates, thereby helping to promote racial integration and harmony. It applies to all HDB flats.

The Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) quota was implemented to better integrate SPR families into the local community. Malaysians are excluded from this quota because of their close cultural and historical similarities with Singaporeans.

The sellers will not be able to sell their flat to a particular buyer if the sale causes their blocks' or neighbourhoods' EIP and/ or SPR quota to exceed.

How the EIP and SPR quota work

Household’s Citizenship

Proportion and/ or Quota to Meet

Singapore Citizen (SC) household

(At least 1 SC is listed as buyer)


Malaysian SPR household

(At least 1 Malaysian SPR listed as a buyer, and no SC is listed as a buyer)


Non-Malaysian SPR household

(All buyers are non-Malaysian SPRs)


SPR Quota for Non-Malaysian SPR households:

  • Neighbourhood: 5%
  • Block: 8%

You can use our e-Service to check if buyers are eligible to purchase the HDB resale flat in a particular block or neighbourhood under the EIP and SPR quota.

The EIP and SPR quota are updated on the 1st of every month, and will apply to all resale applications received during that month. The buyers and sellers must meet the eligibility conditions under the EIP and SPR quota at the point of submitting the complete resale application. A resale application is deemed as complete only when HDB receives both the buyers' and sellers' portions of the resale application.

There is no restriction on the sale and purchase of an HDB flat if:

  • The proportion of the buyer's ethnic group/ SPR quota is within the prescribed block/ neighbourhood limits
  • The buyers and sellers are of the same ethnic group and/ or citizenship type