Tenancy Renewal

You can apply to renew your tenancy 3 months before your current tenancy expires. After you apply, we will update you on the outcome and rent payable. Refer to this guide on how to submit your application
Rental housing is heavily subsidised by the Government and caters to households who cannot afford to buy HDB flats and do not have other housing options. As the number of rental flats under this scheme is limited, you have to meet the eligibility criteria in order to renew your tenancy term.
For fair distribution of rental subsidies, your monthly rent will be aligned with your gross monthly household income and housing history. HDB will waive the rent increase when a household’s income crosses the $800 income threshold for the first time, into the next tier of income ($801 to $1,500). Other tenants who face a rent increase due to an income increase will also benefit from a waiver if the rent increase is a significant proportion of the income increase.

No increase in rent charged after signing the Agreement for Lease (AFL) for a booked flat

To encourage tenants in their home ownership journey, there will be no increase in rent once they have signed the AFL for a booked flat even if their income increases thereafter. Tenants will continue to pay the same rent that they were charged when they signed the AFL, until their flat is ready. This will apply to tenancies commencing from 1 June 2019.

If you do not wish to renew your existing tenancy, please remove your belongings from the flat and return the keys to your managing HDB Branch.