Tenancy Matters

As a tenant of a Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS) flat, you are required to abide by the terms and conditions stated in the tenancy agreement. You should take note of these for your stay in the PPHS flat.



If you would like to carry out minor renovation works in your flat (such as the installation of window grilles and air-conditioners), please submit an e-Feedback form to the managing HDB Branch before starting renovation works. You will have to comply with the conditions for air-conditioner installation works.

Cancellation of sales application

The PPHS provides an affordable temporary housing arrangement for eligible households who are waiting for the completion of their home ownership flats. If your homeownership flat sales application is cancelled, you will have to terminate the tenancy within 1 month of the cancellation date.

Change of tenancy

The PPHS tenancy is dependent on the household listed in the homeownership flat sales application. However, we can consider a change of tenancy due to unforeseen circumstances such as the death of a tenant or a change in family structure from a divorce. Only the party who is allowed to retain the homeownership flat sales application will be allowed to take over the tenancy.

Transfer to another PPHS flat

As a tenant of the PPHS flat, you will not be allowed to transfer to another flat.

Withdrawal of sharing household

If a household that co-shares the PPHS flat moves out, the remaining household will have to take over the entire flat until an eligible replacement is found. The rental deposit will only be refunded at the point of tenancy termination, after the vacant PPHS flat is returned to us.

Termination of tenancy

You can return the keys to the HDB Branch managing your flat to terminate the tenancy of your PPHS flat. You will have to ensure that the flat:

  • Is cleared of occupants and belongings
  • Has all the utilities discontinued
  • Is reinstated to its original condition

Use and occupation

Find out more about the terms and conditions that apply to the use and occupation of your PPHS flat.

Tenant and authorised occupiers

You must use and occupy the premises as a private residence and ensure that the authorised persons remain in actual and continuous physical occupation of the premises.

Only those listed in the PPHS application and are not owners of an existing flat are allowed to stay in the flat. You are not permitted to assign or sublet the whole or any part of the flat, or allow any person other than the authorised occupiers to live in/ share the flat.


The subletting of PPHS flats (whether wholly or partially) is considered an abuse of Government subsidies and is subjected to the following penalties:
  • Recovery of the PPHS flat
  • Financial penalty of $5,000 for you
  • You and the authorised occupiers will not be eligible to rent/ buy a flat from us, or be listed as an essential occupier in any application to rent/ buy a subsidised flat from us (including direct-purchase flat, resale flat with CPF Housing Grants, DBSS flat, or Executive Condominium purchased directly from the developer). The debarment period is 10 years for tenants and essential occupiers, and 5 years for non-essential authorised occupiers
  • Cancellation of your existing homeownership sales application

Proof of marriage

If your PPHS flat is allocated under the Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme, you must produce your original marriage certificate to the managing HDB Branch for inspection within 3 months from the date of allocation of the flat.