SERS Financial Plan

If you plan to take an HDB loan to pay for your Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) replacement flat, you can use our SERS financial planner to get an estimate of your:

  • Maximum loan amount
  • Monthly instalment amount

You will require the following information to use the SERS financial planner: 

  • Monthly income and date of birth of all the applicants and occupiers
  • SERS compensation amount
  • Outstanding mortgage loan amount for your SERS flat
  • CPF money (of each owner) plus accrued interest that was used to pay for your SERS flat
  • Purchase price and selection date of your replacement flat
  • Eligibility for SERS grant and premium payable (if applicable)
  • SERS grant amount (if applicable)
  • Existing CPF ordinary account money of the applicants
  • Current interest rate of your HDB housing loan (usually 2.60% p.a.)

Important notes

  • This e-Service only provides estimates. You will need to submit an HDB Loan Eligibility Application to know your eligible maximum loan amount. The actual figures will be computed when you collect the keys to your replacement flat
  • This e-Service sets out only the main payments and includes the full amount of the sales premium. If you had previously sold a subsidised HDB flat and chose to pay a deferred sales premium, you will need to pay that sales premium when you buy a replacement flat under SERS. The premium payable is capped at $30,000; any excess balance payable will be waived
  • For SERS sites announced before 27 June 2014, the Collector of Land Revenue will keep a retention sum of $3,000 (for 1-room and 2-room flats) or $10,000 (for a bigger type of flat). For SERS sites announced after 27 June 2014, the retention sum is $1,000 regardless of the type of flat. You will receive the retention sum when you return your SERS flat
  • The following information is excluded from this e-Service:
    • Premium of Home Protection Insurance Scheme (HPS)
      • HPS is a mortgage reducing insurance scheme administered by the CPF Board. For more information on HPS, please check the CPF Board website, or call them at 1800-227-1188 
    • Payment of resale levy (with accrued interest)
      • If you had previously sold a subsidised HDB flat and chose to pay a deferred resale levy (with accrued interest), you will need to pay it when you buy the SERS replacement flat. We will cap the resale levy at $30,000; any excess balance payable will be waived