Applying and Booking a New Flat

As a Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) flat owner, here is how you can apply for a flat at the designated replacement site.

Step 1: Decide on your preferred type of flat

Depending on the development, the types of flat available could range from 2-room Flexi to 5-room or 3Gen flats (if offered). Do note that your choice of flat type should be based on your eligibility, and your decision made at the registration exercise is final. During registration, you must include owners of the SERS flat as applicants of the replacement flat. You may also include other eligible applicants (up to 4 persons, including yourself) or occupiers for your replacement flat.

Step 2: Receive your invitation to book the flat

We will inform you when you can book your flat. Your appointment is based on a computer ballot that randomly determines the order of all applicants. We give all flat owners equal priority.

Step 3: Visit us at HDB Hub to book your flat

On your appointment date and time, come to HDB Hub and book your flat from the available units.


If there is any change of circumstances of any SERS owner, other applicants, or occupiers of the replacement flat, before or after collecting the keys to the replacement flat and before the SERS flat is surrendered, we can reassess the eligibility of the applicants, including cancelling the application for the replacement flat.

New flat standard items

The new replacement flat comes with these standard items:

  • Main door and gate
  • Kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tiles
  • Water closet
  • Wall sockets
  • Windows

Optional Component Scheme

You can also opt in the Optional Component Scheme (OCS) for HDB to install sanitary fittings, internal doors, as well as floor finishes. The cost of your chosen components will be added to the purchase price of your replacement flat. 

Optional Components


Sanitary fittings

  • Wash basin with tap mixer, bath/ shower mixer with shower set
Internal doors
  • Laminated UPVC doors for bedrooms and laminated UPVC folding doors for bathrooms

Floor finishes

  • Polished porcelain tiles with laminated UPVC skirting for living and dining room. Vinyl strip flooring with laminated UPVC skirting for bedroom.
  • For 2-room Flexi flat, vinyl strip flooring with laminated UPVC skirting for living, dining and bedroom

* Actual specifications may change.