Looking for Renovation Contractors

When you become a home owner, you may be thinking of renovating your home to suit your personal taste and comfort.

You can search for a contractor from the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) or a BCA Approved Window Contractor with our e-Service . The contractors listed in the DRC are aware of the HDB’s requirements when they carry out renovations and to protect the structural integrity of the building. HDB does not endorse nor guarantee the quality of their works.

Engaging these contractors is a private contract between you and the contractors, and HDB is not privy to it. The contractors are fully responsible for the contractual obligations towards their client, including the quality of their works. If there is any disagreement on the pricing, schedule, or quality of the renovation, both parties need to resolve the matter between yourselves. If the matter cannot be settled amicably privately, you can seek assistance through CASE, Singapore Mediation Centre or the Small Claims Tribunal. Alternatively, you can seek remedy through court proceedings.

You can refer to CASE’s Consumer Guides and CCCS' Fair Trading Practices for some tips when looking for a contractor.