Rectification Work for New Flats

In line with industry practice, all newly completed HDB flats are covered by a 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP) effective from the date of key collection. During this time, we will follow up on items in the flat that require rectification.

It is important that you report the items within 1 month of key collection and before your renovation works begin. This will save the need to investigate whether the defects were inherent from HDB’s construction or caused by renovation works.

We usually take less than 2 weeks to complete the repair. In a situation where your renovation cannot wait, HDB can rectify the defects during the renovation (if it does not hinder your renovation) or after. Some minor defects can also be rectified after you have moved in (if living condition will not be affected).

Within the 1-year DLP

You can submit a rectification request online or at the Building Service Centre located in your precinct.

Submit Rectification Request Online

To report items that require rectification, you can submit a rectification request online.

Submit Rectification Request to Building Service Centre

We have also opened a temporary Building Service Centre (BSC) within walking distance from your home. Your can report items that need rectification to the temporary BSC. The availability of the BSC can be found in your Welcome Kit.

Attend the Joint Inspection

Following your report, the BSC will:

  • Arrange a joint inspection to verify the item(s) reported
  • Assign contractor(s) to carry out the rectification

For security reason, we do not recommend you to handover your flat keys to the contractor for the rectification work. Please bring a lock to secure your flat.

Completion of Rectification Work

Upon the completion of the rectification work, the BSC will arrange a closing inspection with you.

After the 1-year DLP

You can engage a repair contractor to rectify issues after the 1-year DLP. If you require further assistance, you can also approach your HDB Branch.

Under the Agreement for Lease, homeowners are responsible for keeping the fittings and fixtures in their flats in good condition. If the DLP for your flat has passed, please engage a contractor to carry out the necessary repairs.

You may engage your own contractor or look for a minor repair contractor here to carry out minor household repairs and engage them privately.