Home-Based Business Scheme

You may carry out small-scale home-based business activities to supplement your income, without requiring approval from HDB.

Your flat must still primarily be used for residential purposes, and business activities must not cause disamenities to your neighbours. Otherwise, you must cease operations or relocate to other premises, such as commercial units.

Conditions of Use

  1. The business must be operated by owners, registered occupants, or tenants of the flat (with consent from the flat owners). Third parties and non-resident employees are not allowed to work in the flat.
  2. There must be no advertisements, signages or posters displayed at the flat.
  3. No extraneous traffic should be introduced to the site nor should there be any adverse impact to the neighbourhood and the living environment, such as, noise, smoke, smell, litter, effluent or dust nuisances or danger posed to surrounding residents.
  4. No use of heavy equipment or appliances that are not intended for domestic use.
  5. No large-scale storage or frequent loading and unloading of goods, especially for bulky items or use of the flat as a distribution centre.
  6. The activities must comply with the rules and regulations of other authorities (e.gSingapore Food Agency, for food safety and hygiene, Fire Safety and Shelter Department, for fire safety requirements)

Examples of permitted home-based business activities:

  • Food business such as baking on a small scale
  • Hairdressing, facial and beauty (excluding massage), manicure, or pedicure services
  • Private tuition for not more than three students at a time
  • Sewing services
  • Work as a freelance artist, journalist, photographer or writer

Note: Massage services are not allowed in residential premises.