Guide on Transfer

Before applying for transfer of flat ownership

Step 1

Determine proposed owners’ eligibility for transfer of flat ownership

Proposed owners (including existing owners who remain in ownership of the flat, and new or incoming owners) must first ensure that they can meet the eligibility criteria and fulfil 1 of the eligibility schemes to take over the flat.

Step 2

Determine amount of monies required for the transfer of flat ownership

If the proposed owners are eligible for the transfer of flat ownership, they would need to assess whether they have sufficient finances for the following:

  • To discharge the existing mortgage loan (if any)
  • To refund CPF monies* (including accrued interest) to any existing owners who is withdrawing his/ her ownership from the flat
  • To pay the fees involved in the transaction

Guide on transfer

The proposed owners may finance this sum using 1 or a combination of the following:

  • CPF monies in Ordinary Account which is available for housing
  • Cash
  • Fresh mortgage loan [either from HDB (if eligible) or private banks/ financial institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)]

Fees payable would include:

  • Administrative fees
  • Stamp fees^
  • Conveyancing fees^
  • Valuation Fee@
If there is no existing outstanding mortgage loan and CPF refund required, proposed owner(s) may proceed to Step 5.

*It is a requirement by the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) (Housing > Public Housing Scheme > FAQ > Refund of CPF withdrawn for housing) that if any existing owners wish to withdraw their ownership from the existing flat, the CPF monies used by the outgoing owner to pay for the flat must be refunded in full to their CPF account with accrued interest.

^The amount payable would depend on the flat type, actual loan amount, and share of ownership being transferred. More information on stamp duties can be obtained from the IRAS website (Other Taxes > Stamp Duty for Property) or by contacting them at 1800 460 4923.

@A valuation fee is payable by proposed owner(s) who are obtaining an HDB mortgage loan for the transfer of flats bought on the open market. The market valuation is required to determine the maximum loan quantum that can be granted and CPF monies that can be used for the flat transfer.

Step 3

Determine the need for a mortgage loan for the transfer of flat ownership

A mortgage loan is required if:

Guide on transfer

If a mortgage loan is required, the proposed owner(s) can choose to obtain an HDB loan# (if eligible) or a bank loan% to effect the transfer of flat ownership.


#Subject to HDB’s prevailing loan ceiling and credit assessment guidelines. Proposed owner(s) who are not eligible for an HDB loan would have to obtain their mortgage loan from private banks/ financial institutions licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). More information can be found in Step 4.

%You are advised to check with the banks/ financial institutions whether the mortgage loan can be granted for the purpose of ownership change effected without monetary consideration or pursuant to a Court Order. Otherwise, the change in flat ownership would need to be effected by the mode as required by the banks/ financial institutions, subject to HDB’s approval.

Step 4

Determine proposed owners’ eligibility for an HDB loan (if required)

A) Eligibility for an HDB loan

If the proposed owners want to apply for an HDB loan, they must meet all the eligibility conditions to do so.

Find out more on applying for an HDB loan.

B) Maximum loan quantum

The amount of HDB loan granted is subject to the following:

  1. Lower of the prevailing loan ceiling or credit assessment; and
  2. Full utilisation of CPF monies by the proposed owners

If the amount of loan granted is insufficient to cover the amount of monies required (in Step 3), proposed owners may need to raise funds for the shortfall.

Proposed owners can apply for the HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter which will provide the following information:

  1. Eligibility for an HDB loan
  2. Maximum loan amount eligible based on credit assessment
  3. Maximum loan repayment period
  4. Estimated monthly loan instalment
Step 5

Determine other payments or liabilities to be settled

Existing and proposed owners (including their spouses) are required to settle any payments owed to HDB before applying for the transfer of flat ownership, such as:

HDB reserves the right to reject or cancel any application for transfer of flat ownership if payment for the outstanding amounts is not made.

Step 6

Appointment of lawyer

As a transfer of flat ownership is a conveyancing transaction, existing and proposed owners would need to engage the service of lawyers for the following:

  1. To act for the existing owners in the transfer of flat ownership
  2. To act for the total discharge of existing mortgage loan (if any)
  3. To act for the proposed owners in the transfer of flat ownership
  4. To act for the proposed owners in the fresh mortgage loan (if any)

Applicants may appoint HDB or private lawyers. If HDB is appointed, it is at our discretion to decide whether we can act for the parties.