Eligibility conditions for proposed flat owners

These are the eligibility criteria that proposed flat owners must meet before taking over ownership of an HDB flat. The application for transfer of flat ownership is subject to HDB’s approval based on the prevailing eligibility conditions at the point when we receive the application.

Reason for Transfer of Flat Ownership

There is a change in the existing family structure (such as divorce, marriage or demise of an owner), or the existing owners need to do an ownership change to retain the flat.


The proposed owners must be an immediate family member of the existing owners, such as the spouse, parents, children, or siblings.

Eligibility Scheme^

The proposed owners (both remaining and incoming) and occupiers staying in the flat must be able to take over ownership of the flat under one of the existing eligibility schemes.


The proposed owners must be at least 21 years old.


The proposed owners can either be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), with another owner or occupier who is an SC or SPR. If all the proposed owners are SPRs, they and the essential occupiers must have been an SPR for at least 3 years.

Ownership in Another HDB Flat^

The proposed owners must not be an existing owner or be listed as the essential occupier of another HDB flat (including DBSS flat).

Ownership in Private Property

Private property owners may take over the ownership of an HDB flat if they meet the following:-

  • The existing flat owner has fulfilled the requisite occupation period
  • At least 1 of the proposed owners is a Singapore Citizen
  • All proposed owners and listed occupiers must continue to live in the flat upon the transfer of flat ownership 

Note: Private properties include but are not limited to: local or overseas private properties (flat, house, building, land), HUDC flats, Executive Condominiums bought after the minimum occupation period, properties acquired by gift, or inherited as beneficiaries under a Will or as a result of the Intestate Succession Act, or owned, acquired, or disposed through nominees regardless of the property’s location.


The proposed owner must not:

  • have infringed any HDB/ government rules, regulation or policies
  • be debarred by HDB for the infringement

These conditions also apply to essential family members who are listed in the application.

Payment of resale levy

Subsidised Flats*

Existing owners of a subsidised flat may need to pay a resale levy in cash if they are buying/ have bought another subsidised flat/ Executive Condominium unit sold by the developer. 

*Subsidised flats refer to flats bought directly from HDB, resale flats bought with CPF Housing Grant or DBSS flat bought directly from the developer.

SERS replacement flat

SERS flat owners with the option of paying a $30,000 resale levy or premium upfront and defer the balance amount until they sell/ transfer their replacement flat will have to pay the balance when the replacement flat has been transferred in either of these situations:

  • All SERS flat owners no longer own the replacement flat because ownership has been transferred by deletion or substitution (not due to divorce)
  • Any of the SERS flat owners no longer owns the replacement flat because ownership has been outright transferred, transferred by deletion, or substitution (due to divorce)

Withdrawing owners who have purchased an EC and owe deferred premium with interest

Withdrawing owners who have purchased an EC have to pay the deferred premium with interest at 5% p.a. when they give up their interest in the existing HDB flat by way of transfer if they have:

  • previously sold one direct-purchase HDB flat, and
  • opted to defer the payment of the premium owed

Outstanding amounts to pay HDB

If the existing or incoming flat owners owe any outstanding amounts to HDB (such as fire insurance premium, late payment charges, or bill charges), they must settle the amounts before the application for transfer can be considered.