Conditions After Transfer of Flat Ownership

For proposed owners to take note

Existing approval for renting out the flat

Existing approval for owners to rent out the whole flat or registration of renting out of bedroom(s) will be terminated once the transfer of flat ownership is completed.  If you intend to rent out your flat or bedrooms, you would need to submit a fresh application/ registration to us after the transaction is completed.  We will reassess the flat owners' eligibility to rent out the flat or bedroom(s) based on prevailing renting out conditions at the point of application/ registration.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

You must fulfil an MOP before selling or renting out the whole flat, or acquiring an interest in a private property.  All other eligibility conditions will have to be met as well.

Payment of seller’s stamp duty upon disposal of flat

You may need to pay a Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) when you dispose of the flat within a certain holding period. More information on the seller’s stamp duty can be obtained from the IRAS website (Other Taxes > Stamp Duty for Property).

For withdrawing owners to take note

Owners taking a second HDB loan for the next flat purchase

If you have bought/ intend to, or are listed as an essential occupier of another HDB flat with a second mortgage loan from us, you need to use all your CPF monies available for housing (including the CPF refund) and up to 50% of the cash consideration (if any) to finance the purchase of your next flat.

Time bar for purchase of subsidised flats

If you have withdrawn your ownership from a subsidised flat, you will need to meet a 5-year time bar from the date of purchase of the flat (excluding any period of renting out of whole flat and/ or any period of non-occupation) before you can apply to buy another subsidised flat, DBSS flat, or an EC unit directly from the developer.

Payment of resale levy

Existing owners withdrawing their ownership from a subsidised flat* may need to pay a resale levy in cash before buying/ taking over the ownership of another subsidised flat/ Executive Condominium unit sold by the developer. 

The resale levy payable is determined at the point of booking the second subsidised flat.

*Subsidised flats refer to flats bought directly from HDB, resale flats bought with CPF Housing Grant or DBSS flats bought directly from the developer.

Payment of Seller’s Stamp Duty

You may need to pay a Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) if you acquired the flat on or after 20 Feb 2010 and disposed of your interest in the flat within a certain holding period. More information on the seller’s stamp duty can be obtained from the IRAS website (Other Taxes > Stamp Duty for Property).

Planning for the next flat

You may refer to these available housing options for more information on planning your next home.