Application Procedure

A transfer of flat ownership generally takes 10 weeks* to complete after HDB has received the complete set of application. These are the steps involved in a transfer of flat ownership transaction.

*This is an estimate and should only serve as a guide.

Step 1

Submit application for transfer of flat ownership

Before submitting the application for the transfer of flat ownership, all existing and proposed owners are required to:

  • Read through the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 342 KB)
  • Give consent for the proposed owners to take over the ownership of the flat
Thereafter, submit the application and the required supporting documents (PDF, 22 KB) through My HDBPage and MyDoc@HDB (e-Services > MyDoc@HDB) respectively.  After the 1st applicant has initiated the application, all the other existing and proposed owners need to provide their consent to the transaction through My HDBPage.
Step 2

Assessment of eligibility

HDB will assess the applicants' eligibility after receiving the complete set of application (including all applicants' electronic consent to the transaction and the required supporting documents). 
If the proposed owners are eligible for the transfer of flat ownership, the existing and proposed owners will receive a letter which provides information on:
  • Estimated fees payable
  • Items to prepare before attending the appointment to finalise the transfer of flat ownership
Step 3

Attending final appointment to complete the transaction

The existing and proposed owners will be notified to attend an appointment at the HDB Branch to:
  • Execute legal documents
  • Confirm the fresh mortgage loan (if the proposed owners are taking a loan from HDB)
  • Make payment for all fees relating to the transaction

All existing and proposed owners, as well as their spouses, must attend this appointment personally on the same day to complete the transaction.