Ethnic Integration Policy and SPR Quota

When buying an HDB resale flat, buyers need to ensure they are within the EIP proportion for the block/ neighbourhood, and if applicable, the SPR quota as well.

How the EIP and SPR work

The EIP proportion applies for any HDB resale flat. In addition, the SPR quota applies to non-Malaysian SPR households.
Household’s Citizenship Proportion and/ or Quota to Meet
SC household
At least 1 Singapore Citizen (SC) is listed as a buyer
Malaysian SPR household
At least 1 Malaysian SPR is listed as a buyer, and no SC is listed as a buyer
Non-Malaysian SPR household
All of the buyers are non-Malaysian SPRs, i.e. no SCs or Malaysian SPRs listed as buyers
You are considered as having fulfilled the EIP proportion or SPR quota under these circumstances:
  • You are within the block/ neighbourhood’s limits in terms of your ethnic group and the SPR quota,
  • You and the seller are of the same ethnic group and household citizenship type

Check your eligibility

You can use our e-Service to check if you are eligible to buy an HDB resale flat in a particular block or neighbourhood under the EIP and SPR quota.
Note: The ethnic proportions and SPR quota are updated on the 1st of every month, and will apply to all completed* resale applications received during that month.
* A resale application is deemed as complete only when HDB receives both the buyers’ and sellers’ portion of the resale application.

About the EIP

The EIP is put in place to preserve Singapore’s multi-cultural identity and promote racial integration and harmony. It ensures that there is a balanced mix of the various ethnic communities in HDB towns. The EIP limits are set at block/ neighbourhood levels based on the ethnic make-up of Singapore.
For the purchase of an HDB flat, a household with members of different ethnic groups can choose to classify their household ethnicity under the ethnic group of any owner or spouse (co-owner or occupier), according to the race shown on the NRIC of the chosen member. 
Once an ethnicity is chosen for the household, it will remain the same when the flat owners subsequently sell their flat on the open market.

About the SPR quota

Non-Malaysian SPR households applying to buy an HDB resale flat need to be within the SPR quota for the block/ neighbourhood. The SPR quota ensures that SPR families can better integrate into the local community. Malaysians are excluded from this quota because of their close cultural and historical similarities with Singaporeans.
SPR Quota for Non-Malaysian SPR Households
Neighbourhood Block
5% 8%