Community Care Apartments

The Community Care Apartment is a joint offering by MND, MOH, and HDB that aims to expand the continuum of housing options for seniors today. It integrates senior-friendly housing with care services that can be scaled according to care needs and social activities to support seniors to age independently in their silver years within the community.

The next Community Care Apartment project will be launched in Bedok later this year. Read more in the press release.

Check out the video below for an introduction to the Community Care Apartments and its service offerings. Information on the eligibility criteria, purchase process, and conditions after purchase can also be found on this page.

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Exhibition on Community Care Apartments

Visit the exhibition on Community Care Apartments from 28 Oct 2022 to view the scale models and life-sized mock-up of the Community Care Apartment and communal space.

The exhibition is held at HDB Hub, Atrium 1st storey. It is open on weekdays from 28 October 2022 to 31 March 2023, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Entry is by appointment only. Please book an online appointment to visit the exhibition.

You may also refer to the exhibition brochure (PDF, 3.9MB) for more information.

Design features

With thoughtfully designed senior-friendly fittings, you can have a safe and comfortable home that enables you to live independently.

The Community Care Apartments are designed to support seniors to live independently, while preparing for their future care needs.

Each unit has an open layout with an internal floor area of 32 square metres (total floor area of 35 square metres, inclusive of air-con ledge).

CCA Floorplan 1 CCA Floorplan 2

Check out the video below for a walk-through of the Community Care Apartments replica.

Each unit comes with pre-installed fittings and senior-friendly design features, including:

i. Wide wheelchair-friendly main door, with a built-in bench beside the entrance


ii. Easy-to-slide partitions that can separate the living and bedroom spaces for more privacy

iii. Built-in wardrobe and cabinets for storage and a furnished kitchen for meal preparation


iv. Large wheelchair-accessible bathroom with slip-resistant flooring and grab bars


There are furnished communal spaces on every floor for residents to catch up with their neighbours, share meals, or engage in social activities.

CCA QT communal

Basic and optional services

Every unit will come with a Basic Service Package and a suite of optional services to meet your care needs.

Basic Service Package

All residents must subscribe to the Basic Service Package, which includes the help of a community manager who will see to the following:

  • Arranging add-on care and support services (additional charges apply)
  • Simple home fixes
  • Activities at the communal spaces
  • Basic health checks
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Key card access to individual flats

Residents also enjoy:

  • Access to care services and wellness and social activities at an Active Ageing Centre (Care) located next door
  • Priority admission to the nearby nursing home (if required)

Optional Services

Residents can choose to add on optional care services depending on their care needs, at a cost. These include:

  • Shared Caregiving Service, for assistance with activities of daily living such as moving around, transferring (e.g. moving from bed to wheelchair), washing, dressing, eating and using the toilet), as well as medical reminders and assistance with simple errands.
  • Social Day Care
  • Housekeeping service
  • Meal service (home delivery)
  • Home Personal Care (HPC) service
  • Laundry service
  • Medical Escort and Transport (MET) service

The above services will be provided by Atlas Care, a subsidiary under MOH Holdings (MOHH). More information on Atlas Care and the Basic Service Package.


The Community Care Apartments are priced based on the chosen lease tenure. Seniors have the flexibility to take up a lease ranging from 15 to 35 years (in 5-year increments), as long as it covers the applicant and spouse (if any) until the age of 95.

The total payment for Community Care Apartments comprises the flat price, and the cost of the Basic Service Package (if no Optional Services are selected):

S/N Component Mode of Payment
1 Flat Price Paid fully upfront by cash and/ or CPF
2 Basic Service Package

Choose between 2 regular payment plans, paid via cash:

  • Payment due every month, with a 1-year security deposit at the start of the lease; or
  • Payment due every 3 years
Indicative prices for the Basic Service Package
  Option 1 Option 2
Paid at the start of the lease

Payment for the first month

Payment for the first 3 years

Security deposit (refundable)

Paid throughout the rest of the lease $164* every month

$6,200* every 3 years

* Fees will be reviewed periodically and subject to MOH’s approval.

Indicative prices for the Optional Services
Optional Services Indicative Price^ Applicable for Government Subsidies@
Social Day Care $50 per day No
Housekeeping $20 per hour No
Meal services (home delivery) $5 – $7 per meal No
Home Personal Care $20 – $31 per hour Yes
Laundry $20 – $40 per load No
Medical Escort & Transport $50 – $90 per hour Yes

^ Prices will be reviewed periodically.
@ Subject to assessment of eligibility based on means-test. You may refer to for more information.

The indicative flat prices will be available in the HDB Flat Portal, when Community Care Apartments are available for application at a sales launch. If you wish to be notified of the sales launches, you can subscribe to our HDB eAlert Service.

Eligibility conditions

You must meet the eligibility conditions to buy a Community Care Apartment.

Read through the various eligibility conditions to find out whether you can apply to purchase a Community Care Apartment.

Priority for those with care needs

We recognise that seniors with care needs are more likely to require the support available in the Community Care Apartments.

You will qualify for priority flat allocation if at least 1 applicant or essential occupier in your household requires permanent assistance with his/ her Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

This means always requiring some assistance with any of the activities below:

  • Washing/ showering
  • Going to the toilet
  • Getting dressed
  • Eating
  • Walking/ moving around
  • Transferring (e.g. moving from bed to a chair or wheelchair and vice versa)

Some units will be set aside for seniors who require priority, and details will be provided at the sales launch.

Seniors who need high medical and nursing care, or have been diagnosed with severe mental illness and/ or loss of mental capacity may not be suitable for the Community Care Apartments, as the available caregiving services are intended for residents with relatively lower care needs.

To apply for priority, please:

  1. Indicate your application for priority in the online application form
  2. Submit a disability assessment to before the flat application period closes

You are strongly encouraged to obtain a disability assessment prior to the sales launch, so that there is no delay in your application. Your application for priority will not be considered if MOHH does not receive your disability assessment before the flat application period closes.

How to obtain a disability assessment

You may obtain the disability assessment by visiting a General Practitioner or arrange with your care provider to complete a Functional Assessment Report (FAR). The cost of an assessment may vary. Please contact your preferred doctor for more information.

You do not need to obtain the disability assessment if:

  • You have submitted your disability status to the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) prior to 31 October 2022 and there is no change to your disability status.
  • You are a current recipient of any of the following AIC schemes:
  1. Home Caregiving Grant (HCG)
  2. Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme (PDGAS)
  3. ElderShield
  4. Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE) administered by AIC
  5. ElderFund
  6. Medisave-Care
  7. CareShield Life (CSHL)

Joint balloting for mutual care and support

You may choose to jointly ballot with a family member or friend who is also applying for a Community Care Apartment. If both parties are successfully balloted, you can book your flats together.

To apply for joint balloting, you and your family member or friend must take the following steps:

  1. Agree to pair up the flat applications
  2. One household to submit an online flat application first and obtain a registration number
  3. Then, the second household will indicate in their flat application that they are applying for joint balloting, and provide the registration number of the first household

Purchase process

You may submit an application for a Community Care Apartment online during the application period.

Details for the key stages of the application are as follows:

Key Stages Estimated Timeline Payment Required Mode of Payment
Application Within 1 week from announcement of sales launch $10
  • Credit card (Visa/ MasterCard)
  • Mobile apps supporting QR code payments
Notification of results Up to 2 months from the close of the application period N/A N/A
Booking of flat & signing of Basic Service Package Agreement
From 4 weeks after release of ballot results $500 (forms part of downpayment) NETS
Sign Agreement for Lease From 6 months after booking a flat
  • Stamp duty
  • Legal fees
  • 10% downpayment[1]
  • Cash
  • CPF Ordinary Account savings
Key collection Waiting time varies, depending on various factors such as design, number of units, etc. Balance of the flat purchase[2]
  • Cash
  • CPF Ordinary Account savings
Payment for the Basic Service Package


[1] Buyers who are eligible for the Deferred Downpayment Scheme (DDS) will be allowed to defer the payment of downpayment until key collection.
[2] Buyers who are eligible for the Temporary Loan Scheme (TLS) may apply for a temporary loan to pay for the flat purchase price, if they have an existing flat to be sold and the sale proceeds can be used to redeem the flat purchase price subsequently.

Conditions after purchase

There are conditions that apply after you buy a Community Care Apartment.

Disposal of existing flat

You must finalise the disposal of your interest in the existing flat within 6 months from the date of taking possession of the Community Care Apartment.

Disposal of existing private property

You must finalise the disposal of your interest in the existing private property (local or overseas) within 6 months from the date of taking possession of the Community Care Apartment.

Return of Community Care Apartments

A Community Care Apartment cannot be sold in the open market. If you no longer wish to live in it or become ineligible to do so, the flat must be returned to HDB. We will then reimburse you the residual value of the balance lease based on straight-line depreciation#.

# Note: For return of the flat after 12 months from key collection. If the return is within 12 months, the reimbursement is the lower of the pro-rated original purchase price (OPP) or 95% of the OPP.

Renting out of Community Care Apartments

You cannot rent out your bedroom or the whole flat.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

As an owner or ex-owner of a Community Care Apartment, you must meet the 5-year wait out period from the date you purchased the Community Care Apartment before you may apply for a flat. These include:

  • A flat from HDB
  • A resale flat with CPF Housing Grant (excluding the Proximity Housing Grant)
  • An Executive Condominium (EC) unit from a property developer

Interest in private property

All owners and occupiers listed in a Community Care Apartment can only invest in private residential property (local or overseas) after the 5-year MOP, but must continue living in the Community Care Apartment.

Read the conditions that apply to flat owners and occupiers.

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