Request for Value

After the sellers have granted you an Option to Purchase (OTP), the Option Period will commence from the Option Date, i.e., the date of granting the OTP. The Option Period is 21 calendar days (including Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays).

During this period, you must:

  • Log in to the HDB Resale Portal to confirm your mode of financing, and make a Request for Value
  • After the outcome of the Request for Value is available, confirm your decision whether to buy the flat

The Request for Value will determine the flat’s value and form the basis for your CPF usage and/ or the reference for the housing loan amount from HDB or the financial institution (FI), unless otherwise advised by the FI.

If you are using cash only (i.e., no CPF usage and no housing loan) to pay for your flat purchase, you do not need to submit a Request for Value.

Submit your Request for Value

You must submit the Request for Value via the HDB Resale Portal by the next working day after the Option Date, together with a scanned copy of Page 1 of the OTP. You have to pay a processing fee of $120 (including GST) to HDB.

If you have engaged the services of a salesperson, your salesperson may make the Request for Value on your behalf via e-Resale or Estate Agent Toolkit (for agencies which are subscribers).

If a valuation of the flat is required, the appointed valuer will contact the flat seller to arrange for a flat inspection.

You will be informed, via email, once the outcome of your Request for Value is available in the HDB Resale Portal. The outcome is typically available within 10 working days from the date of your request.

Important note:
  • The outcome of the Request for Value is valid for 3 months, from the day it is made available in the HDB Resale Portal. You and the flat sellers must submit the respective portions of the resale application* during this 3-month period. Otherwise, you will have to submit a new Request for Value for the same transaction
    * A resale application is considered complete only when HDB receives both buyers’ and sellers’ portions of resale application and the necessary supporting documents.
  • You have to wait for the outcome of the Request for Value before you may exercise the OTP during the Option Period