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Tenancy Renewal

If you want to renew the tenancy of your existing flat, you can apply 3 months before your existing tenancy expires. We will then assess the tenancy renewal and rent payable.
Rental housing is heavily subsidised by the Government, and caters to households who cannot afford to buy HDB flats and do not have other housing options. As the number of rental flats under this scheme is limited, you have to meet the eligibility criteria in order to renew your tenancy
For fair distribution of rental subsidies, your monthly rent will be aligned to your gross monthly household income and housing history. HDB will waive the rent increase for one tenancy term to assist tenants whose gross monthly household income has increased from “$800 or less” to “$801 to $1,500” so that they can continue to pay the lower rent. This is to help tenants to build up their finances.
If you do not wish to renew your existing tenancy, please remove your belongings from the flat and return the keys to your managing Branch.