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Change of Occupier

You can apply to include new occupiers to your rental flat or remove existing ones. However, the approval of this change will be subject to our prevailing policy.

Inclusion of occupiers

If your rental flat is under the Family Scheme, you can include an immediate family member (children, spouse, and parents) as an authorised occupier.

If your rental flat falls under the Joint Singles Scheme, you can include an unrelated single person who is at least 35 years old, or 21 years old for a widowed person or orphan. A single person is any of the following: unmarried man or woman, widow, widower, divorcee, or a person legally separated from his/ her spouse.

The total monthly household income after the inclusion must not exceed $1,500, unless the proposed new occupier is your spouse.

After the change, your rent may be revised based on the new household income and household type (e.g. first-timer or second-timer).

Deletion of occupiers

You can remove existing occupiers if the remaining occupiers qualify to retain the rental flat under our prevailing policy.
Submit your request by approaching your rental flat’s managing HDB Branch.