Rehousing Benefits (For Buyers of SERS Flat)

Before signing the Option to Purchase to buy a resale flat which has been announced for the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS), we strongly recommend that you confirm the eligible rehousing benefits with the seller. You can ask the sellers to give you a copy of their certificate of eligibility for resale. It will indicate the rehousing benefits that are transferable to you.

Once you have bought your resale flat, you are entitled to the SERS compensation and rehousing benefits.

In general, you will enjoy the same rehousing benefits the seller was entitled to, but with some exceptions that are detailed below.

Rehousing benefits not available to buyers of SERS flats

The resale levy or premium concessions are not available to buyers of SERS flats after the SERS announcement. Hence, you will need to make full payment for the resale levy or premium (plus interest if this applies) if :
  • Your existing flat was bought directly from HDB or is a resale flat bought with a CPF Housing Grant, or
  • You had previously sold a flat bought from HDB, or a resale flat or an executive condominium (EC) unit bought with a CPF Housing Grant
The SERS grant (if any) will be withdrawn if the seller:
  • Has not fulfilled the minimum occupation period (MOP) of the flat
  • Has sold private properties* within 30 months before the SERS announcement date

*Private property refers to any property (flat, house, building, or land) other than the SERS flat (whether residential or otherwise, including but not limited to HUDC apartments and ECs, properties outside Singapore, properties acquired by gift or inheritance, and properties owned, acquired, or disposed through nominees).

The additional options for SERS sites announced on or after 7 Apr 2022 to (a) buy a new 3-room or larger replacement flat on a 50-year lease at the designated replacement site and (b) take up the Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS) for the SERS flat and buy a short-lease replacement flat thereafter, are not available to buyers of SERS flats after the SERS announcement.