Wheelchair Lifter Pilot Scheme

What is a wheelchair lifter?

To assist residents with mobility issues, HDB has worked with the industry to design a wheelchair lifter suitable for use in HDB estates. This can aid residents when they enter and leave their homes.

Wheelchair lifter at flat with multi-step main entrance, where technically feasible

Under a pilot scheme, we will offer the wheelchair lifter for flats with multi-step entrances if the ramp solutions offered under EASE cannot be installed due to site constraints.

During the pilot, we will gather your feedback on the wheelchair lifter’s design and ease of use, to help us in our evaluation.


Subsidised Cost & Maintenance

The cost of the wheelchair lifter is estimated at $3,920. However, with subsidy from the Government, Singapore Citizen households will pay $1,960*, regardless of flat type.

The wheelchair lifter needs to be maintained regularly for your safety. Hence, it is important that you engage a contractor to carry out regular maintenance and servicing twice a year.

The first year of servicing is included in the warranty period provided by the contractor carrying out the installation works. From the second year onwards, you will need to pay a maintenance servicing fee of about $80** per year.

*The amount payable is subject to prevailing Goods and Services Tax (GST). You may also be required to replace/ modify the metal gate at your own cost before the wheelchair lifter can be installed. The term contractor will assess the site condition and advise you before proceeding with the installation.

**Indicative rate. Price does not include replacement of parts if required.



If the ramp solution that you have applied under EASE (Direct Application) is not suitable for your flat, we will send you a letter informing you about the wheelchair lifter. 

You can complete the enclosed Letter of Acknowledgement and submit it to us through MyDoc@HDB, so our staff and appointed term contractor can contact you to arrange for a pre-condition survey/ installation date. As the wheelchair lifter needs to be modified to suit your needs and site situation, it will likely be installed at a later date, i.e within 1 month from the pre-condition survey.


Contact Us

If you wish to know more about the wheelchair lifter pilot scheme, you can call our Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432 from 8:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays (excluding Public Holidays).

You may also refer to the leaflet for more information. You can view or download a copy of the wheelchair lifter leaflet (PDF, 3,917KB).



Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the wheelchair lifter pilot scheme.


Q1: Why is the wheelchair lifter not offered under the EASE programme but a separate pilot scheme? 

A1: HDB has specially worked with the industry to design a lightweight and compact mechanical wheelchair lifter suitable for use in HDB estates. This wheelchair lifter is costlier than the ramp solutions, and requires regular maintenance.  Therefore, HDB is piloting the wheelchair lifter separately, and will offer it only when the ramp solutions cannot be installed due to site constraints.

HDB will gather feedback from residents on the design and gauge their receptiveness to the solution, before deciding if it should be included as part of the EASE programme.


Q2: HDB is offering the wheelchair lifter option on a pilot basis. How long will this pilot last?

A2: Periodic reviews will be carried out to assess residents' feedback and receptiveness, before determining when to conclude the pilot.


Q3: Do I have to modify my metal gate that is obstructing the installation of the wheelchair lifter at my main entrance?

A3: Depending on the site situation, you may have to carry out modification to the metal gate.


Q4: Who will carry out modification to the metal gate? Do I have to pay for it?

A4: If the block is undergoing HIP, you may opt for the door/ gate upgrade as part of the HIP optional items. The HIP contractor would then carry out the modification to the metal gate.

For blocks that are not undergoing HIP, modification to the metal gate will be carried out by the ramp/ wheelchair lifter contractor. The cost will be fully borne by you.


Q5: When do flat owners pay for the wheelchair lifter?

A5: You will pay your share in cash to the appointed contractor(s) directly upon works completion.


Q6: Who maintains the wheelchair lifter?

A6: You are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the wheelchair lifter to ensure that the wheelchair lifter is functioning properly. You should engage your contractor to carry out the servicing of the wheelchair lifter regularly.


Q7: How often do I need to engage contractor to carry out the servicing of the wheelchair lifter?

A7: You are recommended to engage your contractor to carry out the servicing of the wheelchair lifter twice a year.


Q8:How long will it take between application and commencement of work for wheelchair lifter?

A8: As time is needed to customise the wheelchair lifter to suit the flat configuration, it could take about 7 weeks between successful application and commencment of works.