Resale of Part-Share

Resale part-share refers to a change of flat ownership by way of a partial sale/ purchase between family members at a mutually agreed price. Monetary consideration is involved for such change in ownership.

Resale part-share is not allowed between a married couple.

Who can apply for resale part-share?

One or more flat owners can sell his/ her share of the flat ownership to other family members, subject to the buyers meeting HDB’s eligibility schemes and criteria.

In the case of a divorce, you can choose to buy your ex-spouse's share of the flat by way of a resale part-share if he/ she meets the eligibility criteria and the divorce is finalised after meeting the minimum occupation period (MOP) of the flat.

Eligibility criteria

Sellers and buyers have to meet these eligibility criteria to qualify for resale part-share.

  • Sellers (existing owners) must have already met the requisite MOP of the flat and are eligible to sell the flat in the open market
  • Buyers (remaining owners and incoming owners, if any) must meet one of the prevailing housing schemes to buy over the outgoing owner’s share of the flat

Additional criteria for divorce cases

Buyers (remaining owners) can buy over their ex-spouses’ share of the matrimonial flat by way of resale part-share subject to the following conditions:

  • Divorce has to be finalised after the requisite MOP of the flat
  • Divorce documents must indicate resale part-share from one party to another

Application procedure

The application procedure for a resale part-share is similar to that of a normal resale transaction.

Buyers who need a housing loan must obtain a valid HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) or a Letter of Loan Offer (LO) from the bank. The HLE letter or LO must be obtained before committing to the part-share purchase. More on financing the flat purchase.

Conditions after resale part-share

After a resale part-share has been completed, there are conditions that apply to flat owners and occupiers.

Minimum occupation period

All owners and occupiers listed in the flat application must occupy the flat for a minimum period of 5 years before you may:

  • Apply for a flat in HDB sales exercises
  • Sell the flat on the open market
  • Rent out the whole flat*
  • Invest in private property, both local and overseas* (However, you have to continue living in the flat after the purchase of the private property unless you have obtained HDB's prior approval to rent it out)

* Note: There are eligibility conditions that you and your tenants have to meet. SPR households, i.e. all owners of a flat are SPRs, are not eligible to rent out whole flat or invest in private property.

The MOP starts from the day your flat purchase is legally completed.