Register Intent to Buy

To start your journey of buying a resale flat, you will need to register an Intent to Buy by logging in to the HDB Resale Portal using your Singpass.

The portal will guide you through the following steps:

  1. Register Intent to Buy

  2. Search for Suitable Flat and Get Option to Purchase (OTP)

  3. Choose Mode of Financing

  4. Submit Request for Value to HDB

  5. Submit Resale Application

  6. Acknowledge Resale Documents

  7. Pay Fees (Online Payment)

  8. Approval of Resale

  9. Completion of Resale

Purpose of registering an Intent to Buy

The HDB Resale Portal integrates the eligibility checks for buying a resale flat. Upon registering an Intent to Buy, you will receive an instant assessment of your eligibility to buy a resale flat, as well as your eligibility for housing grant(s) and HDB housing loan. There is no fee payable for registering an Intent to Buy.

Who needs to register an Intent to Buy

You will need to register an Intent to Buy personally, even if you have engaged a salesperson for your flat purchase. If there is more than one buyer for the resale flat, only one of you need to register.

Important Notes:
  • Your Intent to Buy is valid for 12 months. It must be valid when the sellers grant you an Option to Purchase (OTP) and during the submission of the resale application.

  • The results generated from the Intent to Buy are based on information you have provided. It is only an indication of your eligibility, and does not constitute an approval by HDB to buy a resale flat, or to take up an HDB housing loan or receive housing grant(s). These will be determined when you submit the resale application subsequently.

  • Do ensure that the information provided is accurate when registering your Intent to Buy, and will remain the same throughout your buying journey. Should you need to change any of the information provided, you will have to cancel your Intent to Buy and register a new one. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed to the subsequent steps and your resale application may not be processed.

What happens after registering an Intent to Buy?

After registering an Intent to Buy, you will be guided to apply for an HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter, if you are eligible for and intend to get a housing loan from HDB. You must have a valid HLE letter when the sellers grant you the OTP.

If you do not require a housing loan from HDB or intend to get a housing loan from a financial institution (FI), you may proceed to look for a suitable flat within your budget and obtain an OTP from the sellers. If you intend to get a housing loan from an FI, you must have a valid Letter of Offer (LO) before you exercise the OTP.

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