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Appointment at HDB

With the streamlined resale process, buyers and sellers are required to attend only 1 resale appointment at HDB. You will need to be present for the resale completion appointment, if you have engaged HDB’s solicitor to act for you. If you have engaged your private solicitors to act for you, your solicitor representative can attend the resale completion appointment on your behalf.

Resale Completion Appointment

The Resale Completion Date is scheduled about 8 weeks from the date of HDB’s acceptance of the resale application. We will notify you via SMS about the actual date and time of your resale completion appointment at HDB Hub, once it is scheduled. You can also check the appointment details from the HDB Resale Portal.

Legal documents which require physical signatures will be signed by the buyers and sellers at the completion appointment. If you are unable to attend the resale completion appointment, you contact your Customer Relations Manager (CRM), who will advise you accordingly. Details of your CRM can be found on the HDB Resale Portal.




Things to do Before the Resale Completion

Inspect the Flat

Make sure that the flat is vacant and the physical condition is acceptable before you take possession of the resale flat.

Buy Fire Insurance

If you are taking a housing loan from HDB, it is mandatory to buy Fire Insurance from HDB’s appointed insurer, FWD Singapore Pte Ltd (FWD).

You can purchase the fire insurance online at FWD’s website. Buyers must print out and produce a valid Certificate of Insurance during the Completion Appointment.

For more details about the HDB Fire Insurance, you may call FWD's enquiry line 6820-8888 or visit FWD's website.


If you are taking an HDB housing loan, you must pay the balance of the purchase price of the flat and any outstanding Stamp Duty, on the Resale Completion Date. You can print a copy of the payment advice on the HDB Resale Portal, and bring it along for payment (by Cashier’s Order and/or NETS) at the Payment Office, Level 3, HDB Hub, before you meet the Customer Relations Manager for the Resale Completion.

During the Resale Completion Appointment

The appointment is for us to witness:

  • The signing of the transfer document by the seller of the resale flat

  • The signing of the mortgage document/ agreement by you (if you are taking an HDB housing loan)

  • The handing over of the keys from the seller to you (or to your lawyer if you took a bank loan and engaged the bank's lawyer to act for the purchase) after:

    • The buyer confirms that the flat has been vacated and the conditions are acceptable (buyer should arrange for a final inspection of the flat with the seller before the date of completion)

    • The sellers have to pay the service and conservancy charges up to the day of resale completion. As for property tax, they are required to pay up to the end of the year



Temporary Extension of Stay

After the sale/ purchase of the resale flat is legally completed, the seller is required to move out. However, sellers can arrange with buyers for a temporary extension of stay of up to 3 months after the legal completion of the resale transaction, if they are unable to move out immediately.