Prime Location Public Housing

The Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model ensures that new public housing built in prime, central locations like the city centre and the Greater Southern Waterfront will remain affordable and accessible for Singaporeans. The PLH model was developed after extensive engagements with the public, experts and industry stakeholders.

Here are the key features of the PLH model:

PLH infographic

Eligibility Conditions

The eligibility conditions for buying new and resale PLH flats are the same as the eligibility conditions for buying new flats from HDB.

Subsidy Recovery Upon Resale

New PLH flats will be priced with additional subsidies, on top of the substantial subsidies already provided for Build-To-Order (BTO) flats. Upon selling the flat, you will have to return a percentage of the resale price* of the flat to HDB as a means to recover the additional subsidies. The subsidy recovery percentage will commensurate with the extent of the initial additional subsidy provided. Details will be provided when the projects under PLH are launched for sale. More information in 'Projects under PLH' below.

*Note: To prevent sellers from under-declaring the resale price in an attempt to fraudulently reduce the subsidy recovery payable, where HDB assesses that a flat valuation is required, the subsidy recovery will be a percentage between the higher of the valuation and the resale price of the flat.

Priority Allocation Quota

The proportion of flats set aside for households applying for flats near their parents/ married children under the Married Child Priority Scheme (MCPS) will be reviewed and adjusted depending on location of the site. This allows public housing in prime central locations to be more inclusive and provide more opportunities to Singaporeans whose family members do not live near the area to also live in these neighbourhoods. Details will be provided when the projects under PLH are launched for sale. More information in 'Projects under PLH' below.

Conditions after Purchase

To safeguard PLH flats for Singaporeans with genuine housing needs and to strengthen the owner-occupation intent, all (i.e. new and resale) PLH flat owners will have to meet the following ownership conditions.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

You will need to occupy the new/ resale PLH flat for at least 10 years before you can sell it on the open market or invest in a private residential property

Rental Conditions

You may rent out your spare bedrooms, but you are not allowed to rent out the whole flat even after the MOP.

Projects under PLH

The first project under the PLH model at Rochor was offered for sale in the November 2021 BTO sales exercise, which is closed for application. You can refer to the press release for more details of the sales exercise, including information on the percentage of subsidy recovery and the MCPS allocation quota.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 I have an existing flat application in an earlier sales exercise. However, I have not booked a flat. Can I still apply for the PLH flats?

If you have existing flat applications, you may submit an application for a new sales exercise as long as you have not booked a flat. Should you manage to book a flat, your other applications will be cancelled automatically.

To manage repeated non-selection of flats which will deprive other applicants with urgent housing needs, please note that application restrictions will apply if you choose not to book a BTO or SBF flat twice after successfully balloting for it.

Q2 Can I submit more than one application if I am interested in the PLH flats and a flat in another location or flat type?

You can only submit one application for one location and one flat type during the sales launch.

Q3 How can I change the location or flat type of my flat application in the Nov 2021 BTO exercise to the PLH flat?

If you wish to make changes, you will first need to cancel your existing application, and then submit a new application before the application period closes. You will have to pay the administrative fee of $10 for any new applications.

You are not allowed to make changes to your applied location or flat type once the application period has closed.

Q4 Do I have to pay resale levy?

If you had previously enjoyed any housing subsidy, you will have to pay a resale levy to purchase a flat from HDB. Find out more about resale levy.