Financial Tools

Buying a flat is a long-term financial commitment that could stretch up to 25 years, so buyers should plan ahead and do not overstretch themselves financially. 

The following tools will assist you in the financial planning, including how much you can borrow for the flat purchase.

Eligibility check - buying an HDB flat and applying for an HDB housing loan

You may wish to first check on your eligibility to buy an HDB flat and take an HDB housing loan.

Budget Calculator

You may want to use the budget calculator to work out your budget before starting on your flat buying journey. The calculator will take the following into consideration to help you make an informed decision in your flat purchase: 

  • available CPF Ordinary Account and cash savings
  • estimated housing loan amount from HDB or financial institutions (FIs)
  • probable CPF housing grant amount

Apply for HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter

If you wish to take an HDB housing loan, you need to submit an HLE application online with supporting income documents to find out if you qualify for an HDB loan, as well as the eligible loan amount based on your financial situation. We will need the income documents to process your HLE application.

You can also check the status of your HLE application thereafter.

Payment Plan Calculator

If you already have a flat in mind, you can use the payment plan calculator to work out a customised financial plan. 

The payment plan will show a breakdown of the cash and CPF payments required at the various milestones of your flat buying journey based on the flat details, available funds, estimated housing loan amount from HDB or FIs, and probable CPF Housing grant amount indicated.

If you wish to apply for a housing loan from HDB or FIs, you will need to submit an application to HDB or the respective FIs.