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DBSS Financial Plan

If you are intending to buy a Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat with a housing loan from HDB, you can use our DBSS Financial Plan e-Services below to assist you with your financial planning. It is important to plan early as it helps you to be aware of, and prepare for the financial commitment required.

Our interactive e-Services will give you estimated figures for:

  • Loan amount from HDB
  • Monthly instalment
  • Stamp fees, legal fees, and Home Protection Insurance

Before you proceed, please have these details ready as we will need them to properly generate your DBSS financial plan.

Compute DBSS Financial Plan (HLE letter obtained)

Compute DBSS Financial Plan (No HLE letter) – Note that this e-Service will only provide an estimation of the loan amount as you do not have an HLE letter. You will need to submit an HLE application to know if you are eligible for an HDB loan and the maximum loan that you can get.

If you are not eligible for an HDB loan or decide to take a loan from a bank, please approach the bank for an assessment of your financial standing and available loan package. You can also check their websites to enquire about the loan packages offered.