HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter

An HLE letter advises you on your eligibility to take an HDB housing loan and the loan amount.

What is an HDB Loan Eligibility Letter

If you need a housing loan and meet the eligibility conditions and credit assessment criteria, apply for an HLE letter to get a confirmation on your housing loan eligibility. You need to have a valid HLE letter before you may commit to buy a flat^ or take over the ownership of a flat.

^ There is no mortgage loan financing for the purchase of a short lease 2-room Flexi flat or Community Care Apartment. You have to pay for the flat using your cash and/ or CPF savings.

Find out more about the application process, and important information about the HLE letter below.

When to apply

Before buying a flat, do plan ahead and apply for an HLE letter. It will be valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

A valid HLE letter is required when you:

  • Book a new flat with HDB
  • Obtain an Option to Purchase from a resale flat seller and submit a resale application
  • Apply to take over the ownership of an existing flat (by way of transfer)

Additional notes for purchase of a new flat from HDB:

  • Eligible first-timer couples who are full-time students or National Servicemen, or have completed their studies or National Service in the last 12 months before their flat application may qualify to defer the income assessment for an HDB housing loan and the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant till about 3 months before key collection.
  • Applicants without a valid HLE letter when they book a flat will not be eligible to apply for an HDB housing loan.

Make an informed decision

You may also finance your flat purchase with a housing loan from a financial institution (FI). Make an informed financing decision and give yourself enough time to:

  • Evaluate the different housing loan options available
  • Apply for your preferred housing loan
    • Approach the FIs directly for an In-Principle Approval (IPA) to check your eligibility if you wish to take a housing loan from them

Where to apply

What to prepare
Where to apply
What happens after applying
  • Upon receiving the complete set of documents, we will review the application
    • To view the application status, you may login to My HDBPage under My Flat > Application Status > HLE
  • You will be notified by HDB via SMS within 14 days to login to My HDBPage to view your HLE letter details

How to apply

Check out the infographic (PDF, 748KB) on the 4 steps to submit your application.

Validity and review of HLE letter

Validity of HLE letter

It will be valid for six months from the date of issue. There is no need for re-assessment during this period if there are no adverse changes in the incomes and financial position, and no changes to the applicant(s) and occupiers(s).

A week before the HLE letter expires, you may apply for a new one if you are still buying a flat.

Review of HLE letter

The loan offer will be reviewed if:

  • Any given information is untrue or incorrect
  • There are any changes in your household income, family members, or other circumstances which may affect your eligibility for an HDB housing loan and purchase/ taking over the ownership of a flat
  • You and your family members listed in the application do not comply with any terms and conditions to buy a flat and/ or take up an HDB housing loan
  • There are any changes in HDB’s policies which may affect your eligibility to buy a flat and/or take up an HDB housing loan

If you have purchased an uncompleted flat from HDB, we will review your financial position nearer the completion of the flat. This is to confirm that there are no adverse changes in your ability to service the housing loan, otherwise the loan amount may be reduced.