Intent to Buy

To start your buying journey, register an Intent to Buy by logging in to the HDB Resale Portal using your Singpass.

Purpose of registering an Intent to Buy

When you register an Intent to Buy, you will receive an instant assessment of your eligibility for the purchase of a resale flat, housing grant(s) and an HDB housing loan.

You will need a valid Intent to Buy before flat sellers may grant you an Option to Purchase (OTP).

Your Intent to Buy is valid for 12 months. It must be valid when flat sellers grant you an OTP and when you submit the resale application.

Buyer to register an Intent to Buy personally

You must register an Intent to Buy personally, regardless whether you have engaged the services of a salesperson. If there is more than one buyer for the resale flat, only one of you need to register on behalf of all the buyers.

Important notes:

  • The results generated from the Intent to Buy are based on the information you have provided. It is an indication of your eligibility and does not constitute an approval by HDB for you to buy a resale flat, take up an HDB housing loan or receive housing grant(s). These will be determined after we have received your resale application
  • You must provide accurate information when you register an Intent to Buy and cannot change the information provided throughout your buying journey. If you need to make changes, you have to cancel your Intent to Buy and register a new one. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed with your flat purchase
HDB housing loan

After registering an Intent to Buy, you will be guided to apply for an HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) letter, if you are eligible for one and intend to get a housing loan from HDB.

You must have a valid HLE letter when flat sellers grant you an OTP and at the time of your application to buy the resale flat.

Housing loan from financial institutions (FIs)

If you intend to get a housing loan from a FI, you may proceed to look for a suitable flat that meets your budget and obtain an OTP from the sellers.

You must have a valid Letter of Offer before you may exercise the OTP.

Not taking a housing loan If you do not require a housing loan, you may proceed to look for a suitable flat that meets your budget and obtain an OTP from the sellers.

Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) and Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Quota

When buying an HDB resale flat, you must ensure your household is within the EIP quota for the block and neighbourhood, and if applicable, the SPR quota as well.

How the EIP and SPR quota work

The EIP quota applies for the purchase of an HDB resale flat. In addition, non-Malaysian SPR households must meet the SPR quota.

You may be eligible to buy a flat if:

  • After your flat purchase, the number of households of your ethnic group remains within the block and neighbourhood limits. In addition, for non-Malaysian SPR households, the number of SPR households will have to remain within the SPR quota
  • You and the flat seller are of the same ethnic group and household citizenship

Check your eligibility

You may use our e-Service to check if you are eligible to buy an HDB resale flat in a particular block or neighbourhood under the EIP/ SPR quota.

The EIP/ SPR quota is updated on the 1st of each month, and will apply to complete resale applications* submitted to us in the same month.

* A resale application is completed only when HDB receives both the buyers’ and sellers’ portions of the resale application and the necessary supporting documents.

About the EIP

The EIP is put in place to preserve Singapore’s multi-cultural identity and promote racial integration and harmony. It ensures that there is a balanced mix of the various ethnic communities in HDB towns. The EIP limits are set at block and neighbourhood levels based on the ethnic make-up of Singapore.

For the purchase of an HDB flat, a household with members of different ethnic groups may choose to classify their household ethnicity under the ethnicity of any buyer(s) or spouse according to the race shown on their NRIC.

Once an ethnicity is chosen for the household, it will remain the same when the flat owners subsequently sell their flat on the open market.

About the SPR quota

The SPR quota ensures that SPR families can better integrate into the local community. Malaysians are excluded from this quota because of their close cultural and historical similarities with Singaporeans. Non-Malaysian SPR households applying to buy an HDB resale flat need to be within the SPR quota for the block (8%) and neighbourhood (5%).

Conversion Scheme Application Procedure

Read more about conversion scheme application procedure if you and your family intend to buy adjoining 3-room or smaller flats.

If you and your family intend to buy adjoining flats that are 3-room or smaller and convert them into 1 unit under the Conversion Scheme, you have to meet the eligibility conditions and adhere to the conditions after purchasing the converted flat. You should also check the upgrading costs (if applicable) for your converted flat.

Eligibility conditions

Your family is formed by a married couple, and/ or parent(s) and child(ren).

Take note that:

Confirm if pairing of flats is possible

To obtain confirmation if pairing of flats is possible, download and complete the application form Enquiry on Combination of Flats under the Conversion Scheme (PDF, 90KB), and submit it to us via our e-Feedback form.

We will assess the flats and inform you whether pairing the flats is possible. If so, you may then proceed with the purchase.

Mode of financing

Purchase of 2 adjoining flats

If you are buying 2 adjoining flats, which will be converted into 1 unit, you may obtain a housing loan* for the purchase of both flats.

* The application of a housing loan from HDB or financial institutions will be subjected to eligibility conditions and credit assessments

Purchase of flat adjoining your current unit

If you are buying a flat adjoining your current flat and have an outstanding housing loan, that loan must first be discharged.

The financing of the adjoining flat is as follows:

 If the adjoining flat is to be financed with:  Details
A housing loan from a financial institution (FI)
  • Check with the FI on the new loan amount, which will comprise the outstanding housing loan amount for your current flat and the amount required to buy the adjoining flat
  • Ensure that the outstanding housing loan from HDB/ FI for your current flat has been discharged before you buy the adjoining flat
A housing loan from HDB and the current flat is financed with a housing loan from a FI
  • The housing loan from HDB will only be for the amount needed to buy the adjoining flat
  • Ensure that you have enough funds to discharge the outstanding loan for your current flat, and do so before you buy the adjoining flat

Physically converting 2 flats into 1 unit

Upon completing the purchase of the adjoining flat(s), the adjoining flats must be converted into a single unit by:

  • Engaging a renovation contractor from the Directory of Renovation Contractors to construct at least 1 opening of at least 1 metre by 2 metres between the 2 units
  • Engaging a licensed contractor to remove the PUB meters (electricity, water, and gas supply) for 1 of the 2 units

You may retain your current unit number for the converted flat.

Conditions after buying the converted flat

Minimum occupation period (MOP)

You may sell the converted flat after fulfilling the MOP from the date the flat(s) purchase is completed and in accordance with the prevailing resale policy.

Taking a housing subsidy

Purchase of 2 adjoining flats

If you take a CPF housing grant for the purchase of 2 adjoining flats, you will be a second-timer and need to pay a resale levy based on the flat type of the converted flat when buying a second subsidised housing.

Purchase of flat adjoining to your current unit

If your current flat is bought from HDB or a resale flat bought with a CPF Housing Grant and you are buying 1 adjoining flat, the following will apply:

Current Flat Treatment
First subsidised flat You are a second-timer and have to pay a resale levy when you sell the converted flat.
Second subsidised flat You are longer eligible to buy another flat from HDB.

Sub-dividing of converted flat

After the conversion, you cannot sub-divide the converted flat for sale, transfer, surrender, etc.

Payment of upgrading costs 

You have to pay the upgrading cost according to the following:

Completion of Purchase Payment of Upgrading Cost
Before polling Payment will be based on the flat type of the converted flat
During or after polling Payment will be based on the total upgrading cost for both flats