Terms and Conditions

1. General
2. Services
3. Responsibilities of Heavy Vehicle Owners 
4. Conditions for Renewal of VPC
5.Update of New VPC Information to LTA
6. Receipt of Payment

1.         General

By accessing this service, you shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by all these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to all these Terms and Conditions of Use, please discontinue the use of this website.

2.         Services

2.1       This service allows Heavy Vehicle (“HV”) owners to renew Vehicle Parking Certificate (“VPC”) with Housing & Development Board (“HDB”), required in the renewal of their road tax with Land Transport Authority (LTA).

2.1.1    “Heavy Vehicle” means-

a. Any heavy goods vehicle or concrete mixer, the maximum laden weight of which exceeds 5,000 kilograms;

b. Any bus with a seating capacity of more than 15 persons, not inclusive of the driver; and

c. Any mobile crane of recovery vehicle the unladen weight of which exceeds 2,500 kilograms.

2.2         This service is not applicable for new VPC applications without any existing VPC record. For new applications, owners must visit the nearest HDB Branch.

2.3         HDB reserves the right to cancel the VPC issued without giving prior notice, if there is any non-compliance of any of these terms and conditions or any other valid reasons.

2.3.1      If there is a need to cancel or replace the VPC, HV owners must visit the nearest HDB Branch.

2.4         HDB may from time to time, without giving prior notice, upgrade, modify, suspend or alter fully or partially this website and shall not be liable, if the applicant is prevented from accessing this service.

2.5         HDB reserves the right to change/ amend any of these terms and conditions from time to time as it deems fit.

3.         Responsibilities of the Heavy Vehicle Owners (“HV Owners”)

3.1         The HV owners must ensure that all the information provided in their application is true and correct and shall be solely responsible for the contents provided in their application.

3.2         The HV owners must produce all relevant documents for verification, when requested by HDB.

3.3         The HV owners must continue to renew their season parking ticket for their vehicle throughout the validity period of their VPC.

4.           Conditions for Renewal of VPC

The renewal shall be subject to the following:

  1. There is an existing VPC record for the vehicle.

  2. The HV owner has valid season parking ticket for the vehicle at HDB’s car park.

  3. The renewable period allowed for each VPC is either 6 months or 12 months, and is non-transferable.

  4. The VPC fee for each renewal is $6 and is not refundable under any circumstances.

  5. Renewal can be done 30 days before expiry of the existing VPC.

  6. The VPC commencement date will be one day after the expiry date of the existing VPC.

  7. No backdated renewal is allowed. For late renewals, the VPC commencement date will be the application date.

  8. Any other terms & conditions imposed by HDB as it deems fit.

5.         Update of New VPC Information to LTA

Upon successful renewal of the VPC, HDB will transmit the new VPC to LTA by the next working day to facilitate the HV vehicle owner’s renewal of the road tax. HDB shall not be liable for any loss to the HV owner as a result of any delay or non-transmission of the VPC to LTA.

6.         Receipt of Payment

HDB will not issue any receipt for payment of VPC using this service. The new VPC information will be displayed at the Acknowledgement page after payment.