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Increase in Maximum Tenancy Period For Renting Out Of HDB Flat/ Bedroom(s) to Non-Malaysian Non-Citizen Tenants

  • Published Date: 18 Dec 2018

                From 1 January 2019, flat owners applying to rent out their flat or bedroom(s) to non-Malaysian non-citizen tenants will be allowed to rent out to a maximum of 2 years, up from the current 1.5 years.


    2          This revision will give flat owners greater flexibility to secure a longer tenancy period with non-citizen tenants who may have work/ immigration passes that are valid for a longer period of 2 years. The maximum tenancy period where all the tenants are Singapore Citizens and/ or Malaysians remains unchanged, at 3 years. 


    Implementation Details


    3          The revised tenancy period will apply to all renting out of flat or bedroom(s) applications involving non-Malaysian non-citizen tenants that are received by HDB on or after 1 January 2019.  


    4          Flat owners who are currently renting out their flat or bedroom(s) to non-Malaysian non-citizen tenants with HDB’s approval may continue to do so for the remaining approved duration.


    5          Information on HDB’s policies and procedures about renting out of flat and bedroom(s) can be found on the HDB InfoWEB (