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Use of void decks changes in tandem with community's needs

  • Published Date: 29 Oct 2016

    HDB's Reply

    Date: 29 Oct 2016


    We refer to the letter from Mr Lim Poh Seng, “HDB should consider leaving void decks as they are” (Oct 22). 

    Void decks are designed for community use. Hence, there are community spaces or community living rooms with seating areas where residents can interact with one another. 

    In older developments, larger spaces at void decks were provided for community-bonding activities and serving the social needs of residents. 

    As such, social and community facilities such as childcare centres, elderly daycare centres and kidney dialysis centres are located in void decks where there is good access, visibility and connection to other facilities. 

    The needs of the community change over time, so such facilities may change, or new ones may be added. For newer developments where void deck space is limited, precinct pavilions are provided to supplement the space. 

    We agree with Mr Lim that we should continue to retain the purpose of void deck spaces. 

    Thus, when we add social community facilities, we ensure that there are still spaces available for community gatherings. 

    The HDB has also introduced ways to address the need for more, and larger, community facilities. For instance, we have designed some facilities to be located at the ground level of multi-storey car parks, or co-located them with commercial facilities in purpose-built buildings. 

    We thank Mr Lim for sharing his thoughts with us.


    Brian Low Lip Chee
    Director (Landscape and Design),
    Housing and Development Board


    Letter to TODAY


    HDB should consider leaving void decks as they are

    Date: 22 Oct 2016

    From: Lim Poh Seng


    The void decks in Housing and Development Board (HDB) blocks are slowly filling up, as more and more of them are converted to senior activity centres, kindergartens, offices and more. 

    I think the HDB should consider leaving void decks as they are. 

    In my opinion, void decks are very useful. They provide ventilation for the whole area, and allow residents more space for their children to play, come rain or shine, for example. 

    If space is needed for seniors’ centres or kindergartens, then the HDB should plan for them, for example, by setting aside space on the second level of each block, perhaps with units built for such purposes, in case such facilities are needed in the future. 

    This will ensure that void decks will not be converted for other purposes. 

    Void decks should not be considered a waste. 

    They serve as extensions of public parks and as temporary venues for community events, weddings, funerals and more.