Housing Benefits for Singapore Citizens versus Singapore PR

  • Do HDB’s housing policies put Singaporeans first?

    More Benefits for Singaporeans

    As HDB’s mission is to provide affordable and quality housing for Singaporeans, our housing policies put Singapore Citizens first:

    •    Only Singapore Citizen households can buy a new subsidised flat from HDB. 

    •    The housing schemes and grants available to finance the purchase of the flat are extended only to Singapore Citizen households.

    •    Singapore Citizen households also enjoy subsidies when their home and neighbourhood undergo various upgrading programmes. Under the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), all essential improvement works are fully paid by the Government for Singapore Citizen households, while for optional improvement items, the Government subsidises up to 95% of the cost. SPR households pay the full upgrading cost.

    Restrictions for SPRs

    SPR households can buy only resale flats from the secondary market at the market price.  They do not get any housing grants or subsidies from the Government.

    Unlike Singapore Citizens, SPR flat owners face restrictions in monetising their flat: they are not allowed to rent out their flat. Those who buy a private home in Singapore after 12 January 2013 must also dispose of their HDB flats within 6 months.

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