Helping Single-Parent Households

  • I am a single parent. Are there any housing options for me and my child?

    We have housing measures to help different households with their housing needs, according to their circumstances. This includes helping households headed by single parents, including divorced, widowed, and unmarried parents to buy a flat within their means, or providing rental housing for those with no other housing options or have no family support.

    Housing Measures to Help Single Parents in Transition

    For single parents who face changes in housing arrangements following the loss of spouse or divorce, we help them to move on in the following ways, to ensure that their children have a stable and secure home:

    • Policies for Smoother Housing Transition: Through the Assistance Scheme for Second-Timers (ASSIST), we set aside 2- and 3-room flats in non-mature estates for divorced/ widowed parents with children below age 16 in Build-to-Order (BTO) exercises. Divorced persons are also able to buy or own a subsidised flat each upon divorce, from 6 March 2018.
    • Access to Housing Subsidies: As a family nucleus, they can qualify for housing subsidies and have greater access to new flats if they are first-timers. If they wish to purchase resale flats, they can also qualify for up to $30,000 Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) even if they are not first-timers.
    • Accommodation in the Interim: While waiting for their BTO flats, they can apply for interim housing options such as the Parenthood Provisional Housing Scheme (PPHS), if they have no other housing options in the meantime.
    • Public Rental Housing: For needy low-income parents who have no other housing options and family support, HDB can assist them with public rental flats.

    Case-by-Case Flexibility

    For unmarried parents who live with their family, we encourage them to do so for mutual support and childcare. We also recognise that each family has different needs and circumstances, and therefore we do exercise flexibility on a case-by-case basis, to help households with their specific housing needs.

    In some instances, the situation faced by single parent households may require more holistic assistance such as counselling, financial assistance, employment support, and advice on housing options. We will work with social service agencies to assist them.

     How We Help Single Parents

    Case Example: Divorcee
    Mdm Y divorced in 2011, and had custody of her two children aged 10 and 12 years old. Following the divorce, she and her children lived with her parents, as she did not own any property. She applied and successfully balloted for a 3-room Build-to-Order flat in 2015 on her first try under ASSIST. The new flat is expected to be completed in 2019.
    Case Example: Unmarried Parent
    Ms C is an unmarried parent with a young son. As she did not own any property, she stayed with her parents in their flat. However, upon her father’s demise, Ms C was unable to continue living there. She approached us for housing assistance, as she had no other family support and was unable to secure other housing options based on her monthly income of about $900. She was allocated a 1-room rental flat with her son in 2016.

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