Terms and Conditions

1. By using this facility, I agree that:


(a) I shall not interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Facility nor any connected systems or networks.


(b) I shall not hold HDB liable for any damage or loss that I may be exposed to and shall fully indemnify HDB for any claim or loss which HDB may suffer directly or indirectly  as a result of my accessing or using this Facility.


(c) I shall not reproduce, publish, display or adapt or modify in any manner any part of the information and materials, or otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights of HDB without HDB's prior written approval.


2. HDB may modify or suspend or terminate the Facility without giving any prior notice or furnishing any reasons whatsoever.


3. HDB does not warrant that the information provided will be timely, uninterrupted or free from error . I shall not hold HDB responsible for any inaccuracies in any of the information furnished under the Facility.


4. The information is provided at HDB's sole discretion for general information only. It shall not be used for entering into any sale and purchase agreement nor for any other purpose (including commercial purposes). I warrant that I shall  seek independent expert advice , if necessary.


5. All intellectual property rights contained in the information shall belong solely to HDB.


6. HDB may modify these conditions at any time at its sole discretion without any prior notice or furnishing any reasons whatsoever.