Q1: Who can use e-Resale system to submit Resale Application and/or Request for Value?
Q2: What are the operating hours of this e-Service?
Q3: Is the helpdesk available 24 hours, 7 days a week?
Q4: I am a salesperson submitting application on behalf of my clients (i.e. buyers or sellers). Upon logging in, I encounter an error message "You are not the salesperson of this estate agent". Why should I do?
Q5: While I was in the midst of submitting my Resale Application/ Request for Value, I encountered an "Inactive Time Out" prompt. What should I do?
Q6:What is the security feature in protecting the information transmitted through e-Resale system?
Q7:For online payment by credit card, what is the hardware or software required?
Q8: To submit Resale Application or Request for Value via the e-Resale system, what information do I need to log on?
Q9: I am a salesperson submitting an application on behalf of my clients (i.e. buyers or sellers). Do I need to log on using my own personal Singpass or using the buyers’/ sellers' Singpass?
Q10: For transactions involving Administrator/ Executor/ Public Trustee, whose Singpass should be used to submit the resale application?
Q11: I have the settings correctly configured, but I am still experiencing "Process in Progress. Please wait..." when I use Singpass. What could be the reason?
Q12: How do I submit my resale application?
Q13: What is the information we have to provide in the resale application form?
Q14: I am the second party who is doing my submission of resale application. After keying the Option Details, an error message “The information provided by buyers and sellers are different.” I am then not able to proceed with the submission of my resale application. What is the problem?
Q15: I am in the midst of filling up the resale application form and realised that I do not have some of the information required (such as spouse’s income etc). What can I do?
Q16: How to submit a pair of contra case via the e-Resale system?
Q17: How to submit application to buy Two Adjoining Flats under the Conversion Scheme via the e-Resale system?
Q18:The buyers have exercised the Option to Purchase on 1 January 2017. Both buyers and sellers have agreed to submit the resale application within 30 days under Clause 11 of the Option to Purchase.
Q19: Who can submit the Request for Value?
Q20: What is the information required to submit a Request for Value?
Q21: I have submitted a Request for Value. Where can I check the status of the request?
Q22: I am submitting a valuation request on 1 Jan 2018 for my transaction which was contracted on or before 31 Dec 2017. I note that I have to pay higher valuation fees. Why is that so?



A1 : e-Resale system can be used by:-
(i) Salespersons engaged by the buyers or sellers to submit Resale Application;
(ii) Salespersons engaged by the buyers to submit Request for Value. A2 : The e-Resale system is available 24 hours a day, including Sundays and Public Holidays. A3 : For assistance on resale policies and procedures, you may call the Sales/ Resale Customer Service Line at 1800-8663066 during office hours. A4 : Please check against the CEA's Public Register to ensure that your name is updated under the correct estate agent. A5 : If you do not complete the submission of your Resale Application or Request for Value within a certain time frame, the system will prompt you to confirm whether you wish to continue with the transaction.

If you click 'OK', you will continue to have access to the e-Resale system for submission.

If you click 'Cancel', you will not be able to access any confidential information. A6 : The e-Resale system protects the information transmitted by using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
A7 : For credit card payments, no special hardware or software is required. When the credit card payment option is invoked, you will be prompted to key in your name, credit card number and the card expiry date.

Use of Singpass
A8 : You will need to key in your NRIC number and your Singpass password. A9 : As a salesperson, you should choose the "Salesperson" option and log in using your own NRIC number and Singpass. A10 : The person who is doing the submission via the e-Resale system will have to log in using his own NRIC number and Singpass.
A11 : The access problem is due to your browser settings. You need to ensure that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed properly on your computer. You may have installed the JAVA JVM using the offline installation method. Please uninstall the JAVA JVM from your computer. After this, establish connection to the Internet and re-install the JAVA JVM using the ONLINE installation, in other words, the installation of the JAVA JVM should occur concurrently while your computer is connected to the Internet.

Click http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/download.html to download JVM or Java (Sun) for Windows 95.

Click http://java.com/en/index.jsp to download JVM or Java (Sun)for Windows 98, Me, XP, Vista, NT or 2000.

Submission Procedures for Resale Application
(i) At the (Online Submission of Resale Applications and Request for Value) page of the e-Resale system, choose 'Submit Resale Application'.

(ii) Log in using your NRIC number and Singpass.

(iii) Provide all the information requested in the application form.

(iv) Submit the resale application and make payment using Credit Card.

Buyers and sellers will have to submit their portions of the resale application separately. If you are the first party who has submitted his portion of the application, you should inform the second party so that he can submit his portion within seven days.

The resale application will only be considered complete when HDB receives both portions of the resale application from the buyer and the seller. A13 : Personal particulars of the buyers/ sellers and the resale flat transaction details in the Option to Purchase (OTP) are needed.

The required transaction details are:-
(a) Resale Price
(b) Option Fee and Option Exercise Fee
(c) Option Grant Date and Option Exercise Date
(d) OTP Serial Number

The resale application will not be accepted if the transaction details provided by the buyers and sellers are different from those stated in the OTP.

The first party to submit his portion of the application is also required to provide the second party's name and NRIC number. (a) What does this error message means?

A14a: The system will match the following information provided by the buyer and the seller in their separate applications,
(i) the Resale Flat Address
(ii) the Option-To-Purchase Details (Resale Price, Option Fee, Deposit, Option Grant Date, Option Exercise Date, OTP Serial No)

Both buyers and sellers have to provide consistent information relating to the resale transaction. If the second party, receives the error message “The information provided by buyers and sellers are different”, it means that the information provided by the second party does not tally with that provided by the first party.

(b) How do I proceed to submit my application?

A14b: You will have to re-check the information you have provided. When filling up this portion, please refer to the Option to Purchase that both buyers and sellers have executed.
You will also have to check with the first party on the information he has provided. In the situation where the error is caused by the first party, you will have to inform HDB. You may contact our Customer Service Officer at 6490 3626 (Mon - Fri from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm) to seek assistance for your submission of the resale application. A15 : There is an option to allow you to save the application as a draft (Save as Draft). You may then complete the application later for submission.

The draft application will only be saved for two weeks. A16 : For contra cases, there are 3 parties involved. Pls refer to the illustration below.

As the contra party, Mr Koh will have to submit 2 sets of application; an application to sell his flat A and an application to buy flat B. The applications will have to be submitted separately.

In both applications, Mr Koh has to indicate that he is applying for "contra" and to provide the contra flat address.
Mr Koh must indicate "contra" in his application & addresses of the flats he is selling & buying.
Mr Tan & Mr Lim need NOT indicate "contra" in their applications.

All portions of the applications (by the 3 parties) have to be submitted within 7 days. A17 : Pls refer to the illustration below.

Mr Koh must indicate "conversion" in his application & key in the 2 flats addresses that he intends to buy.
Mr Tan & Mr Lim need NOT indicate "conversion" in their application.
(a) When must buyers and sellers submit the resale application?
A18a: For the resale application to be registered with HDB, the second party must submit his portion of the application within 7 days after the first party has submitted his.
The time period indicated under Clause 11 of the Option to Purchase is a contractual agreement between both parties, and can be extended or expedited with mutual consent.

Submission Procedures for Request for Value 

A19 : Only buyers who have been granted an Option to Purchase by the flat owners can submit the valuation request. Salesperson engaged by the buyers may also submit valuation request on behalf of their clients. The buyers (or their salesperson) must submit to HDB the Request for Value, together with scanned copy of page 1of the OTP, by the next working day after the Option Date.
Q20: What is the information required to submit a Request for Value?

A20 : To submit a Request for Value, you will need to prepare the following information:-

- Address of the flat
- Option to Purchase Serial Number, Option to Purchase Grant Date and Resale Price
- Scanned copy of page 1 of the Option to Purchase (Need to attach a scanned copy of page 1 of the Option to Purchase in your application. File attachment has to be lesser than 1.0 MB and in PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG file format.)
- Flat owner's name, NRIC number and contact numbers and email address
- All buyers' names and NRIC number
- Contact details of 1 buyer
- Requestor's contact numbers and email address

A21 : The buyer can check the status of the request via the HDB Resale Portal. He will have to log in using his NRIC number and Singpass.
A22 : For buyers who were granted an option on or before 31 Dec 2017, HDB will send such cases to the HDB Panel of Valuers for a valuation. Buyers will pay $226.00 (3-room and larger flats) or $156.45 (1-/2-room flats) for the valuation and receive the valuation report.
For cases where flat sellers grant an OTP on or after 1 Jan 2018, buyers who intend to finance the purchase of the flat using their CPF monies or a home loan must submit a request to HDB to confirm the value which forms the basis for home loan and CPF usage. The processing fee for the request is $120 (inclusive of GST) and covers the administrative costs incurred by HDB to conduct a review and decide on a value for determining the CPF usage and home loan limits. It is a standard fee payable by all flat buyers, regardless of whether or not a valuation is required by HDB.  HDB will send requestor an email once the value is ready and available in the HDB Resale Portal.