Voyager Trail

The Voyager Trail will let you learn more about the eco-design of Waterway Terraces I, and Punggol's sustainable development initiatives.

Voyager Trail Map

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Distance information

Walking Distance: 100m

1 - Waterway Terraces I

Waterway Terraces I is the first housing project along My Waterway @ Punggol, with green landscapes inspired by terraced rice fields across Southeast Asia. The precinct has many green features which encourage residents to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Some of these green features are:

• Energy Efficient Lifts
The lifts utilise AC Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency (VVVF) motor drives, and have a sleep mode function, which switches off the lights and ventilation fans when the lift is in idle mode.

• Rain Garden (Bioretention Swales)
The rain garden, located around the common green area, serves to detain and treat rainwater run-offs before discharging them into the storm water drains for more effective water management.

• Sun Pipe System
This system is installed within the basement car park to help bring daylight into the car park, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.



2 - My Waterway@Punggol

My Waterway@Punggol was designed and built by HDB, and it is Singapore’s first man-made waterway. The waterway is 4.2km long, and meanders through the entire Punggol Eco-Town. The design of the waterway and the landscape promenade embraces the area’s rich coastal heritage, providing more opportunities for water-based recreational activities and sports right next to the heartlands. From fresh water mangroves that clean the water, to themed street outdoor furniture made from recycled materials, My Waterway@Punggol is an achievement in urban sustainability.

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waterway punggol


3 - Punggol Town Square

Well-integrated with transport facilities such as the Punggol MRT station, and with shopping, dining, and other facilities at Waterway Point, Punggol Town Square is an ideal place for the community to come together to strengthen community ties. Activities such as weekly exercises are held here. Residents can play their part in contributing to Punggol’s vibrancy by participating in the activities at the square.

Keen to organize activities at Punggol Town Square to foster stronger bonds in your community? Find out how you can do so with the Lively Places Fund. 

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4 - Punggol Discovery Cube

Housed in Punggol Town Square is the Punggol Discovery Cube - the first visitor centre in an HDB town. It showcases the evolution and development of Singapore’s first Eco-Town and visitors can learn about the transformation of Punggol from a fishing village into a sustainable waterfront town.

Visit the Cube and be greeted with an interactive model of Punggol eco-town that showcases the town in its entirety. A 5.8-metre long wall highlights the development and future plans for Punggol through videos and infographics.

Discover the exciting plans for public housing projects in Singapore's first Eco-Town.

Explore the Cube through a 360-degree virtual tour!