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Eco@Teck Ghee

The HDB Greenprint aims to transform existing public housing estates into greener and more sustainable homes for residents to live in. It was extended to 40 blocks of flats in Teck Ghee estate, where residents can look forward to an improved living environment.

A series of Greenprint Outreaches (GO) were organised for the residents of Teck Ghee to learn more about HDB Greenprint and tips on how to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


The HDB Greenprint exhibition for Teck Ghee was held on 4 Jul 2015. Residents participated actively and were excited about what was in store for them. Check out some of the highlights:

GO.Eco Learning Journeys

We organised eco learning journeys for residents of Teck Ghee to learn how the HDB Greenprint has benefitted residents of Yuhua. Residents visited the Yuhua Display Corner to see the green features that were going to be installed in their estate. This was followed by a trip to Jurong Lake, where enthusiastic residents learnt about Singapore’s water management and sustainable water design features under PUB’s ABC Waters Learning Trail.


Student volunteers visited residents at Teck Ghee and inspired them to live the eco-way by sharing tips on gracious and responsible heartland living.

30 volunteers came together on 15 May 2018 at Teck Ghee Zone E to share eco-living tips and tips on gracious and responsible heartland living with residents.

105 volunteers came together on 28 Oct 2017 at Teck Ghee Zone H to share eco-living tips and tips on gracious and responsible heartland living with residents.

Community Gardening

Residents who are interested in setting up community gardens or taking part in community gardening activities can check out more information about our Community in-Bloom in the Heartlands Programme.

HDB Friendly Faces, Lively Places Fund

Residents interested in initiating community-driven place-making projects that develop stronger place identity in their neighbourhoods can find out more about the HDB Friendly Faces, Lively Places Fund.