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Guidelines for Application

Learn more about the Fund and how you can start your own community project!

Who can apply?

  • The Fund is open to all Singapore Citizens and permanent residents
  • Interested person(s) can sign up either as an individual or a team
  • Existing projects which are receiving other forms of funding from other agencies are not eligible for the Fund. For new projects, co-funding can be considered if the project meets the objectives of all agencies

  • Applicants whom have been awarded the fund previously would have to complete the project before they can apply for the Fund again
  • The Fund cannot be applied to duplicate any existing programmes
  • The Fund cannot be applied for projects or studies undertaken prior to the funding approval from HDB

What projects can be supported?

  • Projects that bring residents together, foster stronger bonds, promote neighbourliness, or foster a stronger sense of community through activating community spaces in the neighbourhood and/ or activities or programmes are suitable  
  • The project must take place at HDB-owned/ managed spaces (e.g. town plazas, void decks, pavilions, roof-top gardens, linkways, etc)
  • There are 3 broad categories of funds within the programme:
Category Award Sum Description
Action Fund Up to $1,000

This is for smaller, short-term action plans or activities to bond neighbours in the neighbourhood.  

Some examples include block or floor parties, anti-littering campaign, block cleaning, community recycling day, re-painting of neighbourhood benches.  

Project Fund Up to $5,000

This is for projects with an implementation period of 6 months or less.  

Some examples include installation of public art, setting up of neighbourhood blog, community greening, pop-ups installations to activate spaces.

Building Fund Up to $20,000

This is to support the implementation of larger projects with a longer duration of more than 6 months.

Some examples include conversion of void decks into community living rooms, community cafes.

For building/ construction/ physical improvement works, at least 3 written quotes would have to be obtained and the lowest quote selected for the works to be carried out.




How can I qualify for the funding?

All proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria: 

Criteria % Allocation Description
Fund Objective 30%
  • The proposal demonstrates potential to strengthen the bonds of the local community
  • The proposal has clear objectives and demonstrates concrete steps to achieve its objectives
  • The project should not be conducted for any profit-making purposes
Level of neighbourhood involvement 30%
  • The proposal must emphasise self-help, with project ideas initiated, planned, and implemented by community members who will be impacted by the project 
  • The applicant(s) must engage the community that will be impacted by their proposal 
  • The proposal should reach out to diverse groups of the community
  • The proposal offers feasible volunteering opportunities for the community
  • The proposal is accessible by all members of the public
Level of community match 30%
  • The applicants must be able to generate enough community match of at least 30% of the amount of fund applied for 
  • The match can be in the form of volunteering hours, professional services, equipment or other materials or supplies such as food, tools, or furniture
  • For ease of implementation, we will value volunteering time at $25 per hour and professional services relevant to the project (e.g. software and app designers, project managers, etc) at $80 per hour
  • All donated materials and supplies (food, tools, etc) can be valued at their retail prices. Borrowed equipment can also be considered as part of the match, valued at a standard rental fee
  • The match cannot be funds sourced from other agencies
  • A detailed project budget and documentation of the community match, including fund raising plan, if applicable, shall be submitted to HDB at the application stage
  • A log book documenting all the contributions made by the community will also have to be submitted at the end of the project
Outcomes 10%
  • The team shall indicate the specific outcomes, both tangible and/or intangible results, that they are targeting to achieve; and how they will measure the project success

What are the eligible expenses?

  • Teams are not allowed to spend more than (a) 20% of the approved funds on prizes, cash vouchers and/or meals; and (b) 25% of the approved funds on manpower costs
  • The funding cannot be used for the following: 
  1. Any overseas project
  2. Hiring/ outsourcing the activities fully or partially to events companies 
  3. Event t-shirts
  4. Out-of-city travel expenses, or any lodging/hotel expenses, private transportation expenses including mileage, car rentals, etc
  • Disbursement is on a reimbursement basis and must be accompanied by corresponding receipts for supported items not later than 2 months after the completion of the initiative/ milestone
  • At completion/ milestone, claims would only be processed after the submission of the log book documenting the level of community matching which includes but is not limited to entries such as number of volunteer hours, contribution of equipment or other materials or supplies such as food, tools or furniture, including fund raising plan, if applicable

What are the steps involved?

S/N Steps Description
1 Submit your draft proposal 

Brainstorm fun and creative ways to activate spaces and bring your neighbours together. Sign up as an individual or form a team! 

Apply online or download the application form (PDF, 265KB) and submit it to us.

2 Discuss with our Community Relations Officer  Our friendly Community Relations Officer will discuss with you on the project feasibility/ eligibility and clarify any doubts that you may have regarding the Fund. At this stage, we will also work with you to determine the resources needed and the estimated project budget.
3 Shortlisting of proposals We will proceed to evaluate your proposal. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you may look for the Community Relations Officer attached to you/ your team. 
4 Execution of projects Individuals or teams can embark on their projects. As you are doing your project, remember to enter your efforts and contributions into the log book, which our Community Relations Officer will share with you! At the same time, please keep all original receipts for claimable items.
5 Submission of claims All individuals and teams have to submit the original receipts and invoices for claims within 2 months after the completion of each milestone. The log book which documents all the community matching efforts should be submitted together with the receipts. We will process the reimbursement within 30 working days upon receiving the successful receipt of all the required details from the team.

Application form

You can apply online or download the application form (PDF, 265KB) and send it to

Our Community Relations Officer will get in touch with you.