Good Neighbour Award 2019

Good Neighbour Award 2019

Launched in 2009, the Good Neighbour Award (GNA) recognises and honours residents who go the extra mile to enrich their community with exemplary acts of care and neighbourliness. The Award is jointly organised by HDB and People's Association (PA), and supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

This year, residents from all over Singapore sent in more than 3,000 nominations to show their appreciation for neighbours who had brought joy and warmth to their communities through heart-warming acts. Read on to be inspired by the heartland heroes in our midst!

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Open Category
Student Category

Open Category


Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Ms Pearl Pang
Nominated by Ms Denise Pang
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Ms Pearl Pang (right), nominated by Ms Denise Pang (left)
My Big Sister

One would think that Pearl and Denise are sisters not just because of their surnames, but also because of how close the two of them are.

Pearl has been caring for her neighbour, Denise, who was battling a serious medical condition.

Since her neighbour’s surgery, Pearl has been making sure that Denise has nutritious meals to help her recover well. Knowing that Denise has been unable to take solid food since her surgery, Pearl blends different ingredients into semi-solid drinks, and even cooks nutritious soups and herbal teas for her. Pearl also accompanies Denise when she goes to the hospital for treatment.

Denise is grateful to have Pearl as a big sister and pillar of support.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Mr Dustin Yeo
Nominated by Mr Joseph Tan
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Mr Dustin Yeo (right), nominated by Mr Joseph Tan (left)
Gem of a Neighbour

Dustin goes above and beyond to make the spaces around him more comfortable. For example, he and his family volunteer to wash the entire corridor on his floor about 3 to 4 times a week, keeping it clean and neat for his neighbours.

With his family’s help, Dustin also organises potluck parties along the corridor to bond with his neighbours.  He and his neighbours also decorate the corridor together during festive celebrations and National Day. 

When his neighbours fall ill, Dustin and his family will cook for them, and even boil herbal soup.

Dustin’s actions have impressed his neighbours, who look up to him as a role model in their community.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Mdm Ponnusamy Camalla
Nominated by Mdm Caleb Angeliena Violet
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Mdm Ponnusamy Camalla (right), nominated by Mdm Caleb Angeliena Violet (left)
A Friend Downstairs

Camalla can be always counted on to lend a helping hand to those around her.

She is always there to offer help to her retired neighbour, Angeliena, who lives upstairs. Whenever Angeliena feels unwell, Camalla will always accompany her to the hospital without hesitation even in the middle of the night.

When Angeliena was hospitalised, Camalla visited her every day without fail. After Angeliena was discharged, Camalla checks in on her frequently, even giving her massages to relieve her discomfort. Camalla also cooks for Angeliena regularly to make sure she eats nutritious food.

Angeliena is thankful to have a big-hearted and dependable neighbour like Camalla living close to her.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Mr Mike Tan
Nominated by Ms Esther Yeo
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Mr Mike Tan (right), nominated by Ms Esther Yeo (left)
The Friendly Neighbourhood Chef

Cooking enthusiast Mike shows us that one way to our neighbours’ hearts is through home-cooked food. A talented chef, Mike whips up delicious food for gatherings with neighbours. He often shares photos of his dishes on the estate’s Facebook group where he is an administrator. He even prepares home-cooked meals for neighbours who do not have time to cook. Once, he even boiled a nutritious soup for a neighbour during her confinement!

Mike also brings his community together through block parties, and hosts BBQ gatherings to celebrate his neighbours’ birthdays.

His dishes and actions have his neighbours raving about him, and have created a close-knitted community living at his block.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Mdm Rasamal D/O Nadayson (Rose)
Nominated by Ms Lim Mei Cheng
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Mdm Rasamal D/O Nadayson (right), nominated by Ms Lim Mei Cheng (left)
Friendship Across Generations

Affectionately known as Aunty Rose by her neighbours, Mdm Rasamal has demonstrated that age is no barrier to living out the spirit of neighbourliness.

At 82 years old, Rose also takes care of other elderly neighbours, visiting and sharing food with them, and inviting them to neighbourhood events.

Rose also befriended Mei Cheng, and they grew closer after Mei Cheng’s father fell ill. Rose visited Mei Cheng’s father regularly when he was hospitalised for 5 months, and kept an eye on Mei Cheng’s house whenever Mei Cheng had to stay with her father at the hospital.

To show appreciation for Rose’s actions, Mei Cheng nominated Rose for this year’s Good Neighbour Award.




Student Category


Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Elsie Li
Nominated by Salma Hayat
Primary Category recipient, Elsie Li
Elsie Li (right), nominated by Salma Hayat (left)

The Little Art Teacher

Elsie is a budding artist who enjoys sharing her love for arts and craft with her neighbours.

She teaches her neighbour Salma to do craft work over the weekends and during the school holidays, encouraging Salma to try her hand at different art forms such as clay moulding, sand art, and painting. Whenever Salma runs out of craft supplies or does not have the right tools for the art projects, Elsie will generously share her materials with her.

Thanks to Elsie, Salma has gained confidence in her artistic skills and the two of them have created many beautiful art pieces together.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Manha Mehrin Hoque
Nominated by Alveena Tahreem Khorshed
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Manha Mehrin Hoque (left), nominated by Alveena Tahreem Khorshed (right)

Young Neighbour, Big Impact

Being young does not stop Manha from caring for her neighbours and her environment.

A kind and thoughtful girl, Manha never hesitates to reach out to her neighbours in need – whether it is helping an elderly lady get back up after a fall, or providing fellow young neighbours with emotional support and encouragement when they feel down.

Determined to help keep her environment clean and green, Manha also picks up litter at the common spaces. Her actions have inspired other neighbours to do the same.

Only 9 years old, Manha shows us that no kind act is too small, and nobody is too young to make a difference.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Sahanna D/O Ramash
Nominated by Mr Eric Ng
Good Neighbour Award 2019
Sahanna D/O Ramash (left), nominated by Mr Eric Ng (right)

Little Superhero

Not all heroes wear capes. 8-year-old Sahanna is a shining example of an unassuming hero who lives in our midst.

Last April, this courageous girl saved her neighbour’s flat from fire. When she noticed smoke coming out from her neighbour’s flat, Sahanna called the police and SCDF immediately. She kept her cool and provided a precise address and a clear description of the situation to the SCDF, and they were able to put out the fire before it went out of hand.

Sahanna’s actions impressed her neighbours, who commended the young superhero for saving the day.





Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Dayan Wei
Nominated by Ebenezer Tay
 Good Neighbour Award 2019
Dayan Wei (right), nominated by Ebenezer Tay (left)

A Little Goes a Long Way

Dayan is a caring and reliable friend who often displays acts of kindness and thoughtfulness towards his community.

In school, he is a leader who leads by example and spends time helping his peers when they face difficulties in their school work. At home, he is a considerate neighbour who takes great care of his surroundings and the people around him. Apart from picking up any litter from the common spaces, he also takes the initiative to shift public-sharing bicycles to designated lots so that pathways remain obstruction-free.

A little goes a long way. Dayan’s thoughtful acts add up to make his neighbourhood a better place to live in.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Jayden Yap
Nominated by Tan Yi Wei
 Good Neighbour Award 2019
Jayden Yap (left), nominated by Tan Yi Wei (right)

From Neighbours to Friends

Kind, helpful, and generous, Jayden is a great neighbour and friend to the people around him. He often greets his neighbours with a smile which brightens up their day. During festive seasons such as the Lunar New Year, he would also generously bring food to his neighbours.

Jayden also readily lends a helping hand to his schoolmates and neighbours, such as by helping them to dispose their bulky items. When schoolmates clear their lockers at the end of a school term, Jayden would help them carry the stacks of books home.

Jayden’s kind nature left a deep impression on Yi Wei, who now regards him as one of his closest friends.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Lance Manguan
Nominated by Khansa Libinuko
 Good Neighbour Award 2019
Lance Manguan (right), nominated by Khansa Libinuko (left)

Passionate Coach, Helpful Tutor

Lance is a caring and patient young man who is always willing to motivate and support his neighbours, be it in basketball or in their studies.

To his neighbour Khansa, Lance is his basketball coach who ignited his passion for the sport. Lance also organises weekly basketball sessions for neighbours to hone their basketball skills together, and these fun gatherings have become a support network for the group.

Outside of basketball, Lance also tutors Khansa, helping him with his assignments and providing study tips.

Lance’s neighbours are thankful to have found a great friend in him. They are also inspired by his helpfulness towards others.





Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Nadzira Binte Zailan
Nominated by M'Hani Binti Mohamad Tahir
 Good Neighbour Award 2019
Nadzira Binte Zailan (left), nominated by M’Hani Binit Mohamad Tahir (right)

More Than a Study Buddy

Nadzira’s acts of care has won M’Hani over, turning the neighbours into study buddies, and then good friends.

As they both take the same course at school, Nadzira and M’Hani often study together. When M’Hani had to juggle between family and school commitments when her father underwent surgery, Nadzira encouraged her, helping her cope with the stressful period. Generous and selfless, Nadzira also helped out with M’Hani’s daily necessities and provided support for her father’s medical bills.

M’Hani is thankful to have Nadzira as her neighbour and friend - someone who will stand by and support her when the going gets tough.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Ivan Lai
Nominated by Lim Yao En
 Good Neighbour Award 2019
Ivan Lai (left), nominated by Lim Yao En (right)

Brothers on Wheels

Ivan has successfully brought neighbours together through a common passion – cycling.

Two years ago, Ivan started organising weekly night-cycling activities for his neighbours. Called “Fast Fridays” – named after how fast time seems to fly when they cycle together – the sessions provide the opportunity for neighbours from all walks of life to come together and have fun. Ivan even goes the extra mile by offering to repair his neighbours’ bikes.

Beyond organising cycling sessions, Ivan often invites his neighbours to his place for meals – sometimes up to three times a week – where they bond and chat about their interests.

Through Ivan’s efforts, the group of young cycling enthusiasts have forged lasting bonds.

Good Neighbour Award 2019 
Mawin Khoo
Nominated by Harold Teo
 Good Neighbour Award 2019
Mawin Khoo (right), nominated by Harold Teo (left)

Thoughtful Acts for a Better Neighbourhood

Although Mawin only moved into his neighbourhood a year ago, he has brought much joy to the community.

He is often seen chatting with the senior residents in the area, listening to their stories and learning from their life experiences. As a gardening enthusiast, Mawin also exchanges useful gardening tips with his more experienced elderly neighbours.

Earlier this year, Mawin put up Lunar New Year decorations along the corridor to liven up the space. The decorations brought lots of warmth and festive cheer, and his neighbours have complimented his efforts. 

Ever ready to give back to his community, Mawin inspires his neighbours to do their part for their home. He believes that they can create a better living environment together.





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