Good Neighbour Award 2017

Good Neighbour Award 2017

The Good Neighbour Award (GNA) was launched in 2009 to recognise and honour residents who go the extra mile to enrich their community with exemplary acts of care and neighbourliness. The Award is jointly organised by HDB, People's Association (PA), and Ministry of National Development, and supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).

Into its 6th run, the GNA 2017 continues to search for residents who have made a difference in the lives of their neighbours. 2,960 nominations were received from residents all over Singapore who showed their appreciation for their neighbours.

This year, we celebrate the close ties these outstanding individuals share with their neighbours, and the warmth in their communities. Take a look at their heart-warming and inspiring stories below!


National Recipients

Find out how 14 friendly neighbours brought joy to the people around them, and be inspired to be a better neighbour too!

Open Category
Student Category

Open Category


Mdm Karen Khong
Nominated by Mdm Kamala Packrisamy
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Mdm Karen Khong, nominated by Mdm Kamala Packrisamy
A Neighbour In Need Is A Friend Indeed
Mdm Khong, more affectionately known as Karen by her neighbours, came to Mdm Kamala’s aid when she suffered from a medical emergency several months ago. Karen and her son rushed to Mdm Kamala’s rescue after she had difficulties breathing. Karen kept Mdm Kamala conscious while her son called for an ambulance. Both of them accompanied Mdm Kamala to the hospital, and supported her throughout the ordeal. Thanks to Karen and her son’s quick actions, Mdm Kamala is now on the road to recovery. This traumatizing episode has brought Karen and Mdm Kamala closer, and proves that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Mdm Jumiah Bte Yunus
nominated by Mr Quek Teck Leng
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Mdm Jumiah Bte Yunus nominated by Mr Quek Teck Leng
The Qigong Teacher Who Goes Above And Beyond
Meet Mdm Jumiah, who conducts her qigong session for her neighbours every morning at Tampines Avenue 5. She stepped up to lead the qigong interest group after learning from a qigong master for 4 years. Mdm Jumiah incorporates what she has learnt with suitable exercises for seniors, and teaches her students a unique set of movements to improve their well-being! Coupled with her nursing experience and patience, neighbours who attend her classes gain healthy living tips and ways to improve their quality of life. Always helpful and caring, Mdm Jumiah is a spot of sunshine in her neighbours’ lives.
Mdm Tan Chioh Tee
nominated by Mr Kang Han Poh
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Mdm Tan Chioh Tee nominated by Mr Kang Han Poh
A Touching Friendship
Mdm Tan’s story gives us a glimpse of an everlasting friendship. Mdm Tan supported her elderly neighbour, Mdm Lau, through difficult times, and looked after her until the latter passed away last year. Previously, Mdm Lau had lost her appetite after her son’s passing. Mdm Tan cooked Mdm Lau's favourite food and brought it along during her daily visits to ensure that Mdm Lau had her meals regularly. Mdm Tan also helped Mdm Lau with household chores. Her dedication to her dear neighbour demonstrates the essence of friendship.
Mr Cedric Lai
nominated by Mr Tay Jin Hiong
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Mr Cedric Lai nominated by Mr Tay Jin Hiong

Inspiring Neighbour Brings Back Kampong Spirit

One can tell how much Mr Cedric Lai cares for his neighbours through his actions. Besides being a handyman who helps with simple plumbing and electrical jobs, he keeps a lookout for their homes when they are overseas. Mr Lai also actively promotes a greener and healthier lifestyle. He helps his neighbours to purchase healthier food choices, shares his cooking, cultivates the habit of recycling, and arranges for them to join running events together. Mr Lai does all these so that his community can live healthily and happily together.

Mdm Mahani Binti Ali
nominated by Mdm Sammy Louise
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Mdm Mahani Binti Ali nominated by Mdm Sammy Louise
A Tower of Strength and Support

Mdm Louise is full of praise for Mdm Mahani, whom she calls “my honey”. Friendship between the pair blossomed after Mdm Mahani started working at the Senior Activity Centre where Mdm Louise frequents. As an Assistant Coordinator at the centre, Mdm Mahani goes beyond the call of duty for her elderly neighbours. She makes sure that her neighbours have regular meals, runs errands for them, takes note of her neighbours' medical conditions, and brings them for medical check-ups. A dependable friend in fair weather and rainy days, Mdm Mahani has become a tower of strength to her neighbours.




Student Category


Ching Unchalee
nominated by Ms Mindy Lai
Good Neighbour Award 2017

Ching Unchalee nominated by Ms Mindy Lai

Family Camaraderie

Unchalee is a delightful neighbour who often brings little handmade gifts to her neighbour. A friendly and lively girl, Unchalee once drew an image of her neighbours, Mindy’s family and herself, on a card, and embellished it with details that reflected the amount of thought she puts into her gifts. She enthusiastically chats with her neighbours whenever they meet, and runs to her gate whenever she hears them coming home. Occasionally, she would wait up for them to present them with her crafts, including a handmade bouquet. Unchalee’s neighbours are proud of and inspired by her acts of kindness, love, and friendship.

Lin Guanhong, Timus
nominated by Ms Lavinia Selvakumar
Good Neighbour Award 2017

Lin Guanhong, Timus nominated by Ms Lavinia Selvakumar

Little Neighbour, Big Heart

Timus has been babysitting his neighbour's children ever since he was five. A playmate, real friend, and older brother to his younger neighbours - He is all that you can ask for in a babysitter and more. Lavinia is full of praise for her young neighbour. Recounting Timus’ efforts in encouraging her daughter to use the potty and to brush her teeth on her own, Lavinia sees a young child with a big heart. Timus also takes time to read to her baby son, who loves to listen to Timus’ stories and bounces happily whenever Timus starts his story-telling. Through his actions, Timus has brought the two families of neighbours closer.

Thulasiraman Ranganathan Sammyukta
nominated by Meenakshi Sundaram Sanshitha
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Thulasiraman Ranganathan Sammyukta nominated by Meenakshi Sundaram Sanshitha

Neighbours By Chance, Friends By Choice

Some may not know their neighbours well despite living next to them for years. But not for Sammyukta and Sanshitha, who are close as sisters. They go to school together and keep an eye out for each other. Sammyukta helps the younger Sanshitha with her studies and looks after her during play time. She extends her care to other neighbours, invites Sanshitha to join her when she shares food with elderly neighbours, and has brought her neighbours closer through regular craft-making sessions. A kind and considerate neighbour, Sammyukta impresses her younger friend with her warmth, and inspires her to be a better neighbour.





Ang Ren Zi
nominated by Mdm Yeow Lai Hoe
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Ang Ren Zi nominated by Mdm Yeow Lai Hoe

Bridging Ties In The Neighbourhood

16-year-old Ren Zi mediates disputes between his elderly neighbours and his peers. He chats with his elderly neighbours to understand their needs, and helps them whenever he can. When he found out that his elderly neighbours prefer a quieter neighbourhood, he encouraged his peers, who love to have fun together around the estate, to be more considerate when they go about their activities. His understanding of the different needs of his neighbours and his caring ways helped to bridge differences, and created a more gracious community.

Li Haiyang
nominated by Fazilah d/o Muhamad Nazir
Good Neighbour Award 2017

Li Haiyang nominated by Fazilah d/o Muhamad Nazir

Thoughtful Acts Paved Way For A Cleaner Neighbourhood

Haiyang’s considerate disposition left an impression on his neighbour and fellow basketball player, Fazilah. She first noticed Haiyang cleaning up the court after their basketball sessions, and learnt that he did it so that other neighbours could use the court too. Haiyang believes that a clean living environment is important and does his part by picking up litter in the common areas, and disposes rubbish in the nearest bin. To top it all, he also encourages his neighbours to do their part by not littering. His thoughtful acts and encouragements have paved the way for a cleaner neighbourhood.

Muhammed Fawzan Bin Omar
nominated by Mr Rajangam Mani
Good Neighbour Award 2017

Muhammed Fawzan Bin Omar nominated by Mr Rajangam Mani

Courageous Siblings Saved Class From Fire

Fawzan and his sister woke up after hearing screams from the Residents’ Committee Centre one October morning. When they rushed to the Centre, they realised that a classroom fan at the Centre had caught fire. Though the students were evacuated safely, the teacher was still trying to put out the fire. Fawzan and his sister sprang into action and helped the teacher out. They stayed with the teacher and students, helped to calm the children down, and provided the firefighters and policemen with details of the incident. Fawzan’s actions impressed his neighbours, who commended him on his courage and presence of mind during the emergency.





Lim Tze Jack
nominated by Mr Long Fuchun Edward
Good Neighbour Award 2017
Lim Tze Jack nominated by Mr Long Fuchun Edward

A Photographer Who Shares And Cares

A picture captures a thousand words. But for Jack, his photos and photography skills are great conversation starters. A volunteer photographer at community events, some of which he helped organised over the past 10 years, Jack not only captures special moments but also the hearts of his photography subjects - his elderly neighbours. Jack talks to his elderly neighbours regularly and shares photography tips. He listens to their stories attentively and respond warmly with his own. Always happy to connect with his neighbours and lend a listening ear, Jack has brightened up his neighbours’ lives.

Loy Heng Dax
nominated by Yang Yong Sheng Shaun
Good Neighbour Award 2017

Loy Heng Dax nominated by Yang Yong Sheng Shaun

An Older Brother Next Door

Dax is like an older brother to Shaun and many other younger neighbours. A good role model who exemplifies what it means to be helpful, Dax helps elderly neighbours with heavy items. He helps Shaun and other neighbours with their studies, and organises weekly basketball sessions for his younger neighbours. He teaches them basketball so that they have an opportunity to get together, polish their skills, and have some fun before diving back into their studies. Always with a smile on his face, Dax is a reliable brother for his younger neighbours to count on.

Shereen Ng
nominated by Mr Muraly Veerasingam
 Good Neighbour Award 2017

Shereen Ng nominated by Mr Muraly Veerasingam

Getting Neighbours Closer Over Weekly Exercises

Meet Shereen and Shermaine, a sister duo who lead exercise sessions in different neighbourhoods. They held their first session in Clementi, after Shereen noticed few opportunities for her neighbours to build up their strength, while her sister wanted to know her neighbours better. The exercise sessions attracted neighbours from all walks of life. The support from neighbours and youth participants encouraged the sisters to introduce these sessions in other neighbourhoods, where they were warmly received. Their efforts have built close-knitted communities, and they are indeed the glue that bonds the neighbours together.





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