Celebrating LIFE in the Heartlands

People make up the heart of the community and bring a town to life! 

A smile or kind act from your neighbour can brighten your day and make your community a friendlier and more welcoming place.

Creating such a community begins with each of us. 

Check out the videos below to find out how you can take ownership of your community and living environment today!

Let’s be Considerate Neighbours

We can all live in harmony if we exercise greater care for our neighbourhood and our neighbours. Treat your neighbourhood as your home and your neighbours as your friends!

It’s My Town

What are the things you treasure in your town? Is it the familiar sights and sounds, the playground, or that vibrant coffee shop? Or perhaps, the memories of how you and your neighbours worked together to keep the environment clean, tidy, and clutter-free?

Friends Next Door

Do you have a neighbour whom you can count on in times of need? Discover how some residents have gone the extra mile to be a friend to their neighbours. Find out how looking out for each other turns neighbours into friends. 


As we enjoy clean water, fresh air, and green landscapes everywhere we go, let’s do our part to be more eco-friendly in our lifestyle. Discover how you can incorporate eco-friendly habits into your life.